Friday, September 4, 2009

Giving Away: Dignity


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  1. what is this i dont even

  2. LMFAO

  3. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

  4. I like Brits.

    Reminds me of that Mighty Boosh episode when Vince spray paints on the store “Howard Moon will bum you silly for loose change”. 🙂

  5. Wait, huh?

  6. i agree what the hell does it mean?

  7. You divorcing the kids too Keith ? thats really sad man

  8. I have no idea what Joanne is trying to communicate here.

  9. deep thoarting sounds dangerous

  10. Blimey luv the bird’s got one in the boot and one in the bonnet, queue up for the lift

  11. maturity.

  12. @1.Tribulations

    are you also 12 years old and dont know what this is?

  13. Joanne appears to be trying to sell her soon-to-be ex-husband as a cross dressing gigolo who deep-throats in order to exact revenge for him trying to sell her, her reindeer (?), pony and children.

  14. Yes… “I’m 12 years old and what is this?” is a meme… and so is “what is this i dont even” … inside joke if you may

  15. Of all the amusing professions Joanna could have chosen- ‘sexual binman’?!! Imagine trying to have a conversation with Joanna, you’d struggle to last a minute.

  16. @9. unfortunate names

    Ask sixkiller how dangerous it is. He’s on this site. He blew me earlier today and lets just say he nearly choked to death due to semen overload.

  17. I wouldn’t take that trash from her.

    Oh, wait…

  18. I want to be on Joanne’s side, because Kevin seems like a major dick. But after reading her attempts at communicating, I’m not sure I like either of them.

  19. Lost me at ‘riendeer.’

  20. @Erin: I was lost at “sell by date”

  21. what happens when to raddled prostitutes who prefer male clients hook up. Joanne was always going to be disappointed.

  22. divorce by fb – that’s got to be a first…

  23. BelladonnaAnodyne

    @Danny – I just re-read it to try figure the ‘sexual binman’ thing – she’s actually trying to say ‘bi-sexual binman’, which is…. not as funny. Meh.

  24. lawl, i still prefer it sans by/bi.

  25. BelladonnaAnodyne

    I think I do too.

  26. Parents: classy

  27. At last she’s not fussy

  28. Anonisgay, always with your gay dreams, sigh… I see you really like the cock! Well, can`t actually blame you, it must have been all that time being butt raped by your daddy…

  29. IDEK

  30. I had a party with Ethel/Kevin and 4 other stunners a while ago. He couldn’t do the accent though.

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