Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh Baby

Oh Baby

Oh Baby

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  1. tldr

  2. FWIW, Nicci, Daniel, and Stacey all have publicly accessible profiles. There’s another related tanty on Daniel’s page at the same date.

    Seems mum’s the only one smart enough to lock hers down… or perhaps she’s new to facebook.

  3. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    aussie bogan cunts

  4. 100. you’re sandwiched by them, Stacey is in Melbourne.

  5. ‘if you ate a can of beans you wouldn’t know which bean made you fart’


  6. O






  7. That took some dedication!!!

  8. It’s funny.

    I bet every australian who read that, knew they were australian straight away.

  9. fuck a duck, what’s this? bushweek?

  10. I love it how she says- well I’ll get my truckie mates… Wow this stacey seems like a deadshit- and well the others aren’t much better lol

  11. Yep, I knew Aussie straight away, but the “wog” confirmed it. Then Bris, and I knew I was home haha.

  12. Oh dear… I live in the same city as most of these people. Three cheers for QLD education!

  13. LOL! LOL!



    I can hardly talk however, with my connections to bikie gangs around NSW and VIC, although knowing them it’s hard to believe a bitch like this would know any of them.

  14. Wow, talk about dysfunctional!


  16. I’m embarrassed to be from Brisbane right now…

  17. why WAS she on his friends list?

  18. go mum go mum hehe ur dead…priceless. thatwastoocute! i so wanna watch the movie just so i can see the part where they all meet eachother on an ally and jump her.

  19. This is my favourite. I have met/known people like this. Yep, I knew they were from Aus straight away. (I am too) I laughed so fucking hard.
    Ya mole

  20. that was intense.

  21. By the Fuck, this is brilliant! I’m going to try to introduce this phrase in Scotland! I’m sitting in work trying not to laugh out loud and I’m finding it very difficult, I keep having to pretend I’m sneezing!

  22. Haha proud to be aussie! Would love to see a truckies Vs bickies war. Bring on the bogans!


  24. Im aussie. And im proud to say we arent all like this.. I swear.

  25. Im hearing banjoes playin in the background….

  26. Brissie Non-Bikie

    Wow! I had little respect for any of them – until Daniel quoted “Little Rascals” at the end!

    Hells yeah for “Alphalfa”!


  27. Oh………… My………… GAWD!!!!

  28. OMG, apologies all round, on behalf of literate, non-feral, non-bogan Australians (and particularly Brisbanites).

    I don’t think it’s been explained that “got the shits” and “having the shits” means that you’re angry… and “wog” is a term used for anyone of Italian, Lebanese, Greek or simiar descent, not all Europeans. It used to be derogatory, but is more commonly accepted amongst the general public as a accurate description of someone’s descent.

  29. If the “chk chk boom girl” taught us anything, it was that there are only 2 kinds of wogs. Fat wogs and skinny wogs. Well it seems the 2 have collaborated to breed some kind of bogan super wog. Oh dear.

  30. This post is just glorious.

  31. how do you get friends like this, can you spend farmville points on them?

  32. lmao @ 131….i wanna know what happens next, the best part is “go mum go mum GO”

  33. fuck that was heavy!!! best soap-opera plot pitch I’ve heard… Id actually watch that shit lol

  34. Hehe. Wonder if they managed to kill eachother in the end. Tell me when the movie is released. BTF!

  35. This was fucking brilliant.

  36. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    go mum go mum he he ur dead

  37. lol stacey sound like a chick on the rebound call me lol

  38. sleeped 😀

  39. My favorite ever. At some point the stupidity stops getting frustrating and you just have to laugh. Amazing. I especially loved, “Go mum go mum hehe ur dead.”

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