Friday, September 4, 2009

Bac 2 Skl


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  1. @CT, the older a word is, or the more commonly it is used, the more likely it is that some forms of it will be irregular. As far as I know, “spelled” is both an Americanism and changed to make it more ‘correct’.

    Hannah FTW, americanisation of the language FTL.

  2. Hannah, you are my hero. <3

  3. See, the reason Americans are stupid is that they think “spelt” is a mistake!

    There are exceptions to this rule…

  4. Scott, you can suck my very much American cock. I know you will like it!

  5. Who cares if Hannah submitted it herself? She’s still a hero!

  6. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    hannah is an attention seeking cunt. the fact she tried to hide the fact it was here submitting this proves it

  7. Hannah FTW. Few things antagonize me as much as that pointless butchery and mockery of the English language. Show ’em how it’s done, H-dog.

  8. Hannah is awesome. 😀

  9. Hannah. Awesome.

  10. I love hannah!

    And the world ‘spelt’ is correct. Certainly in Britain anyway.

  11. @ CT It makes me throw up when I hear that kind of little school boy quip
    @ Odi I salute you

  12. How come the first reply of Hannah doesn’t show the “Delete” option but her second one does?

  13. @ SS because it is being read from her POV, the person who took the screen shot is “Hannah”

  14. Lol at how Hannah knows how to spell, but can’t spell ‘spelled’ properly.

  15. No #64, actually it can be spelled both ways.
    I’m Finnish and I still know better, gosh.

  16. Ruf is right. Spelled is just the most commonly used, and therefore, considered ‘more’ correct.

  17. spelt – 1
    a past tense and past participle of spell –

  18. whoever spelt it dealt it

  19. how do you delete your delete button like?!

  20. I love you,Hannah *dreamy eyes*

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