Friday, September 4, 2009

Tony Tony Chili

Tony Tony Chili

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  1. hahahah
    oh wait…he’s not good enough to comment on

  2. definitely not good enough for two comments.

  3. What the hell is he saying?!

  4. my comment number 3 is LOCKED!

  5. that doesn’t make sense. even when drunk.

  6. right…… he is sayin that the girl he is talking bout broke into his house when it was LOCKED and took some c.d’s and shit, he then follows on to say that she thinks she is good enough to steal shit frm him but not to answer the phone to him because she is a slut and havin sex with another dude. jeez guys cant you read? i know there are spelling mistake’s but it is in english.

  7. She is an ungrateful slut! Simple dudes.

  8. Whoa chill Davey B.
    It’s still retarded.

  9. I think he might be gay.
    …and is just having a little gay bitch fit.

  10. I_do_not_heart_NASCAR

    I wonder if I could get Tony’s chili recipe.

  11. Is it any surprise his name is “TONY”

    EYyyy Tony. ya know, with the over-emphasized T.
    You know what I’m talkin ’bout.

  12. How do you steal chili? I’m glad I don’t do that girl’s laundry.

  13. @Davey B: My favorite comments are when people translate the insanity into English. It makes the whole thing so much funnier. I’m still snickering over it. 🙂

  14. I love that he thinks that meeting that guy would let him be able to tell his sex drive.

  15. Wait–did I miss Slut Night?

  16. I’ve accidentally happened upon a girls-only Slut Night before. Despite what you may think, they are actually criminally boring.

  17. Yea makes so much sense why would someone who breaks in your house steals your stuff and food want to call you? Shes good enough to rob me but not good enough to answer the phone hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? fucking idiot

  18. Don’t touch my fockin’ Chili, dawg.

  19. LOL @ Mikey and Jonas!!

    Anyone want to go to Wendy’s and get some chili? Maybe we can watch the slut parade as it slowly makes it way home… wait,, do they break into houses after they’ve gone out too?

  20. What the hell hahaha…

  21. According to Wikipedia Slut Night is a lesbian thing..
    SO WHY IS SHE FUCKING A MAN?! Oh lol I’m so confused.. Is “man” being used as another word for dyke? Is she fucking a drag king?

  22. @11 I know you have been abused and are retarded, but please bitch, you have made better comments in the past!

  23. Another attention seeker.

  24. @ 23. What am I?

  25. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    @ 24. A cunt.


  27. Now about this chilli, are we talking ‘con carne’ or a jar of chilli powder (maybe she was making chilli con carne for when she got home from Slut Night with the munchies) or a chilli plant.

    This is important because someone could be good enough to take chill con carne from, but not a chilli plant, or the other way round.

    Or something, or nothing

  28. he’s talking about the Red Hot Chili Peppers…..

  29. Mmmmmm…chili.

  30. @25 LOL

  31. How do you possibly get to know that someone has taken a chilli from you? Tony comes back home from the gay bar and upon reaching the house, exclaims “HEY! Something’s missing from a remote pocket of the refrigerator.”

  32. Why do people have such a hard time understanding that chili is a soup?

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