Monday, October 22, 2012

Downgrading Daniel

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  1. I need to add that group just to ‘Like’ Kevin’s comment.

  2. shiveredthetimbers

    it seems that most people are unaware of the population total. and yet they are shameless about showing it. wonder where this will lead us.

  3. Bullshit the government figures are anywhere near fucking accurate anyway. If they can “lose” 125,000 immigrants within the U.K. they sure as hell can lose a couple billion within the entire world.

  4. According to Daniel’s figures, there are about 8 million people in the world. That’s less than the entire state of Massachusetts. Hell, that’s less than Mexico City.

  5. Suppose I marry Doris. Then I divorce her and marry her sister Mabel (bigger tits). Three people got married.

  6. ^ get this guy a coffee

  7. I blame Utah for the odd number.

  8. Or Normans

  9. Mormans whoops! Guess I’ll get some dislikes now.

  10. ^Normans was funnier

    *Mormons btw

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