Monday, July 15, 2013

This Post Is Better Than Yours

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  1. You’re doing it wrong, it’s “milkshakes” plural. One milkshake isn’t bringing any boys to any yard.

  2. ^no it isn’t.

  3. btw, my comment is better than yours.

  4. You people on here are all so uppity. I obviously don’t know the song that well, but who can blame me.

  5. Oh… it’s a song. That’s why this went over my head.

  6. The milkshake looks like it’s photo-shopped.

  7. I also suspect self-submitting; 2 minutes ago feels funny to submit.

  8. Why would they photoshop a milkshake?

  9. It wouldn’t even have to be a milkshake.

  10. Makes me want a milkshake

  11. When she says “milkshake” in the song, she’s really talking about shaking her boobs, which will definitely bring all the boys to your yard.

  12. Didn’t we just see this post a few weeks ago, except there was a closer shot of a milkshake on a porch railing? That one wasn’t funny, either. It’s a 10 year old joke at this point.

  13. Maybe it’s just the wrong flavor.

  14. Ah! Now this stupid song is in my head-music.

  15. #13
    You know your probably right. I bet if it was vagina flavored it would attract quite a few boys. In fact that would probably sell lots of snack foods like chips, and cakes. Mmmmmmm vagina flavored ice cream.

  16. Want to know why it’s not working Jaye?

    Because that’s flavoured milk and not a milkshake, you fucking dirty little brown milk drinker.

  17. Love it!

  18. I’m having trouble picturing Kelis’ “yard” looking anything like the one here.

  19. I keep checking back and it’s still there!

  20. I think this is the neighborhood that Harry Potter’s Aunt and Uncle live in.

  21. It does look very much like an English Estate.

  22. ^ um, yes it does. And the car is parked on the left.

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