Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On the Plus Side

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  1. Mu.

  2. Carfax for singles doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, bichfax and dickfax. A thorough sheet of previous relationships, how many crazies, what you’re gonna be compared to, any STD’s. Etc.

  3. Excuse my ignorance but WHAT IN SWEET HOLY FUCK IS CARFAX?

    Other than that, a bunch of meh.

  4. Paranoid, I’m also wondering what carfax is and I don’t want to google it cos most things I’ve had to google ended up being NSFW

    Katrina ftw 🙂 rest were boring

  5. Carfax is a company that provides vehicle history on used cars.

  6. In the US when you buy a used car you can use it’s VIN number to check it’s carfax. The carfax shows you all the accidents, ownership changes, registrations, pretty much everything the car has ever been through.

  7. So for the last few days I have also been visiting the People of Walmart and the Regretsy sites as linked above, and I don’t like them. A photo of an overweight poor person in bad clothes is almost funny, but the comments are so ugly and hateful that it saps all joy I got from the photo. The same with Regretsy. Since the 3 sites are pointing to each other, is that hate going to seep onto here too?

  8. Max FTW! although Katrina comes a close second

  9. People of Walmart and Regretsy are awesome. And Katrina definitely FTW.

  10. @ chiiro – their ads show couples of whoever at the car dealership and the dealer is spewing his usual nonsense and the buyers go “whoa, show me the carfax”. The dealer looks confused and the usual hijinks ensue. He tries to change the subject, blah blah blah. I can’t believe I just wrote this.


  11. @buttermilk – I agree. No great wit to be seen on People of Walmart

  12. Max loses points for sending that in himself.

  13. @ the person who posted Lexi’s comment…lol obviously she will know who it is since 1 out of 3 of you liked it…LOL

  14. buttermilk, not sure about the POW comments, afraid to visit the comments section of a site that’s basically built on mocking people based on appearances, but I read the comments section of the Regretsy article about teaming up with POW and Lamebook, and apparently the members on there hate us all, so I guess we’re safe there :p

  15. One day I’ll learn the right way to do that little tongue smiley.


  16. Charlotte Sometimes

    i dont get the second one. someone care to explain?

  17. I’ve never read comments on either of the linked sites, just perused the pictures. Maybe they’re not so awesome then. Pffffft.

    Charlotte honey, women can’t drive.

  18. Oh wait, that’s the third one. The second one pretty much speaks for itself on explanation, I thought.

  19. dirtylittlepretty

    nothing to see here people..
    seriously, nothing.

  20. @Charlotte, Evan is insinuating that the only reason Mary can’t get over the person who hurt her is because he is a guy with a huge penis

  21. jaguar club? are jaguars the new cougar?

  22. @evilicious
    I thought he was saying the dude “must be really hung” because Mary said he “completely destroyed [her] inside.”

  23. Charlotte Sometimes

    it would make sense if he said huge,but he said hung. Unless that was a unintentional typo, i don’t really get it.
    but i’ll take it as if he meant huge, cause its fricken funny.

  24. @Charlotte

    Calling a guy “huge” and “hung” are basically synonymous. So yes, the joke is that she was destroyed inside by his massive cock. =)

  25. Katrina made me laugh.out.loud.

  26. @lamebookpro, why are you directing that comment to me? I know what Carfax is..

    In regards to POW and Regretsy, I haven’t checked out the former but there are very few websites where I read the comments. Failblog generally has an array of trolls, icanhascheezburger is overkill in the LOLspeak. I only checked out Lamebook’s because the latest comment is posted right under the entry, and it seemed like it was generally an intelligent bunch.

  27. Well, if you want to break a “gender norm,” clearly Max here IS the “gender norm.” Kill the Normals, as they say.

  28. lol @ Katrina.

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