Monday, November 9, 2009



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  1. Mind you… if his friends had really waited til he passed out and changed his status for him wouldn’t they be more likely to make it smaller than 9 inches?

  2. 9″ is average in my family. lemme know if you want a pic

  3. LMAO… thanks Don, I think I’ll pass 😉

  4. Meh. Once you’ve seen the “hey I’m an older member if your family and I’m shocked at what is going on here” posts it’s tough to repeat the magic. Nothing tops ” spots in the backseat and that black guy.”

  5. @Tooty

    “Nothing tops ” spots in the backseat and that black guy.””

    Where’s that? I’m in need of a laugh.

  6. Back several pages. Can’t remember the name. I’m sure someone here can recall the title

  7. hmm nine inches. i wonder if he needs help still… eh sorry

  8. Can’t I call you the Monster Pussy instead?

  9. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    I have twelve inches. But I don’t use it as a rule.

  10. What? Never? You must be fit to explode!

  11. On a related topic, has anyone else had the “Big Ass Hot Dog” Ad on their side-banner? It’s positioned right in front of the guys pants… thought it was rather apt considering the way the conversation has gone.

  12. *smacks forehead* D’oh. I just got your joke Thesaurapist. I look like a right spanner now. LOL

  13. @62 Hahahaha spanner! Libertiiiinesssss

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