Monday, May 17, 2010

A Couple of PhoDOHs

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  1. Another public display of erection.

  2. 1st one- boner, not lame
    2nd- not too lame either

  3. Way to kill on their syrupy little chat, Ryan. I like it.

  4. The cloud actually looks like Brian from Family Guy, looking up. Unless you look at it too long then it looks like a grimacing horse. Pretty (as in ‘quite the’) stubby little dick though too, I suppose.

    OK bye..

  5. Ryan IS a dick.

  6. Ryan FTW!

    And boners aren’t lame. They happen.

  7. Awh.. A photo of his first erection.

    And i don’t know what angle tiffers was looking at that from to decide it was a heart, but they’re saps anywho!

  8. Especially with 15 year boys. He doesn’t look much older than that.

  9. The 1st one is extremely embarrassing, however, just take a look at the ass on that girl.

  10. lol

  11. Actually boner boy looks insanely happy to be where he’s at right now!

  12. On second look… it DOES look like a dick.

  13. MsBuzzkillington

    Ryan made me laugh, until I realized that his comment was made a month later. So it really isn’t that funny.

    Also, I was thinking it kind of looked like a bunny, in a sort of deformed way. But it definitely doesn’t look like a heart… at all.

    The first picture makes things a little bit more clear as to how a guy like that, got with a girl like her.

  14. Is it just fucking boring old me that thinks the shine in the corner of the picture and the fact that it’s not photo quality means it’s just from some crappy magazine ad about… I dunno… anti-viagra?

  15. you can’t blame the little bugger can you. go on son, it’s your birthday…

  16. ryan must have a small dick

  17. can you blame the guy for a boner? her body is rocking!!!

  18. @17
    No kidding! If I was standing next to a chick with a turd-clipper that nice, I’d want to rub my meatsicle all over her too!

  19. @17 & @18
    I agree. If I were brushed up against a hottie with an ass like that I would have a rager too!

  20. mymomruinedfacebook

    If I had a boner prior to reading “turdclipper” it would be gone at this point.

  21. lol… sad that the first thing dude thinks of when seeing a nice ass on a chic is her shitting… i prefer to believe that women dont shit… i have never heard or seen one shit and hope I never do… to me the ass is the pussies alternate… in the event that the pussy can not fullfil its obligation to take a pounding from my cock the asshole has agreed to take the pussies place

    Hot chic – hey slim, im on my period… fuck my ass tonight
    Slim – fine, but i’m pulling out and cumming down your throat
    Hot chic – yummy

  22. Grammar Police

    Thanks for that slimjayz.

  23. I’m actually proud of the kid in the first photo – if that had happened to me in middle school, I’d have been cowering in the corner, not front and center in a group picture with a massive grin on my face and my arms wrapped around the hottest girl in the room. Well done!

  24. Well, i’m a girl and to me the 1st photo is nothing but somehow funny. Nice ass. Yet, if a guy has a boner like this by just looking at me i wouldn’t want to put him in my panties cause he’s likely to leave the party in 2min max.

  25. Slimjayz, if lamebook has taught you anything surely it’s that everybody shits. In the sink. On twister boards. In DRYERS.

  26. Paranoid Android

    Pic 1 – Her lips are freaky, not cool, nor hot, nor boner inducing. Just sayin’.
    Pic 2 – Penis clouds, gotta love ’em.

  27. Slimjayz,




  28. oh akward teenage years… how i don’t miss you.

  29. krasivaya_devushka

    Lol the guy in the first pic looks like a little creep.

  30. Nothing wrong with that first photo. Hell, I have a boner, too. Look at her sweet ass!

  31. maybe it’s just the pleats? Hey, does anyone want to come to the pants party?!

  32. i’m saddened by this, but i recognize the boner kid :/
    yes, yes i do. he is a whore. well, tries to be one. LOL. that’s all i have to say. thank you.

  33. the pleats are causing an optical illusion…he took the pants back to the pants store of that photo.

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