Monday, May 17, 2010

Time is Never Wasted…

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  1. Ben!

  2. does twister really have a board? i think not.

  3. maybe he’s referring to the spinner?

  4. Someone took the Twister game to another level.

  5. XRay, that would make the next spin interesting.

  6. left foot, feces.

  7. is emily still wasted or does she really talk like that?

  8. @cupidscurse: i think emily is just stupid. maybe drunk but definitely stupid.

  9. lmfao@dcrearview. nice one.

  10. OK seriously, what is it with drunken debauchery that requires shitting? Shitting in pants, sinks, floors, and Twister boards. Is this a new thing that hipsters think is cool or something?

  11. MsBuzzkillington

    I was thinking that Emily was still wasted, but you bring up a good point. She is probably just stupid.

  12. Eli reminds me of my little brother’s friend after he threw a house party while his parents were away. My brother showed it to me after this kid updated his FB status to something along the lines of, “hey guys. I’m not even mad anymore. I just want to know who did it… Who took a dump in my mom’s dryer?” Seeing as I had met this kid, it was hysterical… so, needless to say, number 3 made me laugh.

    Number 1 made me laugh only due to the reference to the rascal scooter. hahaha

    Number 2? Ugh. I hate stupid chicks.

  13. Who are these people who keep pooping in their pants? Geez.

  14. Well you poop in your pants when you are a baby and some people do it when they are old and looks like some people just never stop doing it .

  15. Can someone please explain to me what “White Girl Wasted” is supposed to be?

  16. Kablaam, I had to go to Urban Dictionary on that one and here’s what I came up with: Initially, “White Girl Shwasted” was a term for A girl that was white…shitfaced…and incredibly wasted.
    Now? It’s a generic term for every frat bro, skater man, and party boy to drop. Label the girl that is the whitest, most shitfaced, and most wasted at your party your very own “White Girl Shwasted.”

  17. I don’t know what I’d do without Urban Dictionary to help me translate some of these posts. Why can’t people just speak English?

  18. I think they made a mistake when they put Eli’s post last. It definitely should have been #2.

  19. Poor Ethan. I feel sorry for him. What’s the point in getting wasted and doing crazy stuff if you can’t remember any of it?

  20. lol

  21. No-one goes full whitegurl wasted Emily…..No-one.

  22. Urban dictionary tells me that whitegirl means crack. Which explains pretty much everything about Emily init.

  23. Grammar Police

    The reason why people crap their pants on crap on other objects is because when you are drunk, you just don’t give a shit…

    Pun intended.

  24. Grammar Police


  25. @Grammerpolice: Or, they do give a shit. They give a lot of shit. A lot it all over the fucking place.

  26. lots…of shit.

  27. haha white girl wasted. that’s pretty funny actually.

  28. I’ve seen my share of drunks and most seem to manage to make it to the toilet. Oh, forget it….crapping in your pants seems to be what the kids are doing now!!!! Thank Jeebus I missed all that!

  29. I need more friends like Ethan. Those are always fun nights.

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