Thursday, July 30, 2009

This Post, Priceless


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  1. he must be either a super-lightweight or drinking listerine if its only 18.99 to get so drunk he pukes. and so drunk he forgets how an ubiquitous commercial goes.

  2. Losing Sara, priceless.

  3. I feel very sorry for this guy. Not only is he a total loser, but he’s managed to mess up the hilarious mastercard/priceless meme…

  4. Actually a bottle of Captain Morgan costs $18.99 and if you drank that by your self, Im preety sure you would throw up, and why is Matt a douche, just because he wanted to slightly help his buddy? Also why do people kiss their dogs? its just fucking nasty.

  5. I actually don’t think this is too lame beyond the obvious self-indulgence.. But even that’s not unique to just this post. Facebook for most people is an exercise in self-indulgence and egotistical masturbation.

  6. Poor Cole. Matt, you’re a douche.

  7. This status, priceless.

  8. Gee, Matt really knows how to make a friend feel better.

    I do approve of the fact that June 16 (presumably the night of the $18.99 “party”) was a Tuesday. Weeknight binge drinking rocks.

  9. What’s funny is the dogs ate his vomit, and then kissed Sara before she left. lol

  10. Wow, Caroline. I didn’t even get that from the comment underneath the photo.

  11. This makes me want to end someone’s life. Not sure if it’s gonna be mine or someone else’s.

  12. I’m so sick of those ads. They were barely funny once, so cut it out Mastercard.

  13. actually i think this is awesome. are you fools up top sure he’s ‘stupid’ and messed it up? i LOLed.

  14. Yeah, we’re sure. Someone that pathetically lame that they would post about how shitty their life is on Facebook for all to see is also pathetic enough to mess it up.

  15. The point of the MasterCard ads is that all of these material and/or service-based purchases have price tags on them, but they all add up to a moment in time that evokes an emotional response for the person which has no true price tag. In Cole’s case, his emotional experiences which cannot be quantified by price ultimately add up to one material purchase that leads to an intoxicating purge of these emotional demons. All it cost to erase the emotional burdens of these “priceless” events from his psyche was $18.99 in alcohol.

    In an idealistic world, this is all it will cost him to move on with his life and discover new horizons to conquer. And that….is priceless.


  17. I lol’d at mao

  18. dear cole,
    that you lost your job, lame. lost your band, lame.lost your gf, lame. that you lost them in a week, lameER! that you ended up on lamebook for that, priceless!!

  19. chairman mao FTW

  20. Mao is the coolest Mo fo

  21. oh god i cant stop laughing

  22. seriously that was pretty insightful mao…..

  23. @K He messed it up because he reversed the order that they do things in the commercial. It’s always like 3 or 4 things with prices and then the last thing is priceless.

  24. @ Mastercard.

    I think thats the point

  25. Yeah, Cole fucked up the commercial … funny story, though. Matt’s a decent friend, I would have giggled if I were Cole. That’s a lot of fucked up shit in one week.

  26. Where was he until 3am? Not at band practice. Not planning on getting up early to look for a new job. And those kind of antics are probably why his girl left. But no, no, what was I thinking? It wasn’t his fault! Everyone on Shawshank is innocent.

  27. It wasn’t nasty that the dog “kissed” her after it ate the puke.It was nasty that the dog “kissed” her period. I have two dogs, I see them have scatological sex ALL the time. There is no way in hell that I am going to let my dogs lick me on the face. Or anywhere else for that matter.

    Thanks to Bradford for the new word by the way.

    Props go to Matt for trying to cheer his drunken friend up though.

  28. seaborgiumJadee

    Lol if I were Matt I’d reveal that information too. Fat whore left me and now she has my vomit in her face, more importantly on her lips. Ftw.

    Mao = beast.

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