Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chelsea Wears the Pants


Chelsea Wears the Pants

I jsut want everyone to know that Jordan is a real man. Jsut because he wants to please his girlfriend by having a super witty and hilarious joke wedding doesn’t mean you can jsut make fun of him.

In fact, you go ahead and jsut throw your pretend wedding.

And I will pretend to go.
And I will pretend to meet a single girl.
And I will pretend to go get her some punch.
And I will pretend we dance all night.
And I will pretend we hook up after the wedding.
And I will pretend she becomes my girlfriend forever and lets me jack off on Skype in front of a webcam.

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  1. *Now…

  2. This sh*t is fu*ked up!!!!

  3. Did they have a fake divorce yet?

  4. seaborgiumJadee

    Chelsea could most definately have a dick. Technically not a homo anymore.

    *Kanye Shrug*

  5. John Players Standard

    This is in a small town in Manitoba. Manitoba is like the equivalent of the southern hillbilly states.

  6. I’m just curious…Did they sign a “fake” wedding license at the “fake” townhall too? In a few years are they gong to go through a “fake” divorce?

  7. Why do people always throw “homo” around as if being gay is an insult? It doesn’t lessen your masculinity and it doesn’t lower your worth as a human being. I guess people are just idiots.

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