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  1. Can I imagine what Greyson would be like it he was castrated instead?

  2. This confuses me so

  3. It is things like this that make eugenics appealing and necessary.

  4. steviewonder_helper

    #2 I’ll send you the audio.

    These people are alive… in the same world as us.

    This confirms it. I am staying the hell out of Atlanta.

  5. Another Atlantan

    I’m embarrassed for them.

  6. Bobby FTW.

  7. This is what happens when you named you son “Greyson.”

    Go back to the trailer park.

  8. No wonder Al-Quaeda hates us.

  9. Pretty sure that says Grayson. Same thing I guess.

  10. In America, both grey and gray are accepted spellings for the word. However, his name is neither accepted or smart.

  11. My new goal in life-track down Grayson & Nicole, grab them by the hair and bash their heads together until they promise to leave the Internet forever.

  12. bobby bobby bobby where do i begin???

  13. Ugh. TMI. Why did I keep reading? Ugh.

  14. guys knock it off they are just reallly fun. REALLY FUN. WOW SO MUCH FUN. i cant wait till they are drunk for even MORE FUN. FUN FUN FUN.

  15. lol @ Ernie’s comment

  16. I feel like I am going to be sick. So disgusting.

  17. Bobby, I think I love you.



  19. Let the cocks pop out across the cyber universe. And let the owners boast about it on social networking websites.

  20. I’m so upset that I can’t un-read that.

  21. I live in Atlanta, and I’ve slowly been coming to the realization that it sucks and I should move. This settles it. I’m moving to a city where they don’t jerk off on Skype.

  22. my favorite? “you know where :0 ohhhhh face!”

    also that nicole someone “likes this”

  23. *And then talk about it on facebook.

  24. That looks bad.
    What I meant was this: I can’t believe this person would A)jerk off on Skype, and B)talk about it on facebook.

  25. I would be my life he is 25 and she is 14.

  26. bet*

  27. Just think, I live near Atlanta. I am definitely hiding my kids for real.

  28. Grayson is quite clearly a legend of epic proportions can’t say I like his missus much but if I know grayson he’s only fucking her ‘cos she got that fine booty and that’s how Grayson rolls and you don’t agree with what he’s saying then that’s cool cos he’s a laid back guy and he don’t mean no trouble to anyone

  29. international, i couldn’t agree more.

    i’m a girl, but i’m not “sooo jealous after [reading] this!” i think “appalled” is a more appropriate word.

  30. i wonder if nicole and grayson are the same person…

  31. funny!! sick. didn’t need to know, but still got a laugh out of it.

  32. No, ‘these girls’ are NOT going to be soo jealous.

  33. ‘Hang out with my Wang out’ & ‘Rock out with my Cock out’..isn’t Stifler used to say in that movie American Pie???

  34. I completely agree with Mandy.

  35. Wait wait… “Socks!” …? She’s screaming “Socks”? Is she a huge Sox fan? Does she have a sock fetish?

    Good thing their relationship is via webcam or he’d be chillin’ out with his penicillin out.

  36. sem you’re a funny guy, i like you 🙂

  37. unless sem’s a girl…then it’d be a bit awkward…

    also grayson..stop acting so black-son!

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