Monday, May 17, 2010

Start the Week with Some Wins

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  1. i wonder if anyone put cassius clay for #33.

  2. I like Brigitte.

  3. I wonder how many kids know who Cassius Clay is… without having to Google him.

  4. Wanda FTW! Honestly, I’m sick of that “cut and paste this as your status” crap. I saw this all over my news feed last week. The end reads “Post this on your wall if you’re against Domestic
    Violence!” seriously…..

  5. Mario and Dreddy

    Went on a date with a girl who claimed to be into boxing. Asked her if Ali would beat Clay in a fight. She told me they were the same person. I facepalmed a little inside and then excused myself to go to the bathroom. I bolted through the restaurant’s front door, hopped in my racecar, and Toronto Indy’d that ish.

  6. superman isn’t even a funny answer.

  7. I’m with you, SharkBait (ooh-ha-ha).

    Imagine if a man who does beat his woman read that status, that would enrage him and cause him to beat her more. It’s really counteractive.

  8. Wanda if there is a man in the kitchen he better be making me a sandwhich

  9. I like how Hayden tries calling out Alex on his “moo” line for being stupid, as if her “woof” comment immediately before was raucously funny… Thaaat’s right, the “moo” comment pushed it over the edge and made it stupid, not the “woof”.

  10. Brilliant, so not only has Tara used one of those ‘post this on’ things as her status, she’s removed the only useful and worthwhile bit, the ‘against domestic violence’ bit? Brilliant.

    Although, when I first read it I thought it was a not-so-subtle message to her douche of a boyfriend that she’s going to cheat on him if he’s not an ickle bit nicer.

  11. Cassius Clay = actually a 19th century abolitionist. Muhammed Ali was named “Cassius Clay” after his father who was raised on the property of the original 19th century character.

  12. Look at Betsy, dropping some knowledge on us today. Well done.

  13. I agree with Jaz, Superman as an answer doesn’t even make sense, it was stupid. Maybe the student meant for it to go under #33?

  14. It was Muhammad Ali’s grandfather who was raised on the property of Cassius Clay, not his father.

  15. Setting the Cassius Clay misconceptions right was more of a win than these lamebooks were.

  16. #8,

    I’m guessing the crickets were used because Alex imitated a cow, which generally doesn’t go over well when directed towards a female.

  17. so it took mike 6 month to find a bottle of piss in his drawer? what else does he have in there?

  18. Mike, how do you not notice a bottle of piss in your dresser drawer for six months? Don’t you wear any of your clothes? Ever?

    I just hope the *HILARIOUS* test taker of picture 4 had his phone confiscated shortly after. That doesn’t even make sense… Also, at least make your lettering match up by using a lower-case “e.”

    All of these were pretty awful. Lamebook, at least give me a chuckle or something.

  19. Oh shit, these were supposed to be wins? That’s even worse…

  20. lol

  21. I looked to see if there was a fan page for Malteaser and his infamous “lol.” There isn’t. I’m very disappointed.

  22. i had no idea about that betsy. i guess my history teachers have failed me.

  23. Bucky, I think you’re right. I’m taking a wild guess in saying that the joke would have been more apparent if Sarah’s picture wasn’t blurred out.

  24. whoa, jenkem.

  25. @ SharkBait:
    You have to admit, though, there are some good parody/joke ones out there.

  26. ThinkingInPictures

    Perhaps I’m confused, but I fail to see how barking like a dog at a chick is less offensive than mooing at her… I mean, I haven’t had either happen to me (that I know of), but were it to happen, I don’t think my thought process would be “Ok, I can accept that you think I’m a dog, but seriously, you’re implying that I’m fat?! That’s where I draw the line!”

  27. She made a cat noise so he made a dog noise…i dunno if that should be taken as he’s calling her a dog :S paranoid much?
    cricket noise made me lol however.

  28. Let me just sum it up for everyone. Sarah and friends are all a bunch of douche bags. End of story.

  29. As for Mike…he probably had a whole hell of a lot more of his stuff sabotaged in the nastiest way and obviously never discovered it.

  30. ThinkingInPictures

    Nantaise – that’s actually what I was getting at… If you’re taking the friggin’ cow noise as an insult (which, in my opinion, is the only thing that makes the cricket noise even remotely funny), why not the dog noise?

  31. For some reason I saw it as… Hayden’s trying to be cute and Facebook flirt (is there a word for that? i bet there is. god, i hate people) with Sarah or whatever her name is when Alex comes along and join in, and Hayden tries to make his joke look like shit, because Hayden’sa little douchebag and I didn’t even like Sarah anyway.

    No… what?

  32. Haha Wanda…..the only way to respond to shit like that.

    Sarah, Elisabeth Hayden and Alex…..I hate you all, I dont know why, but I just do.

  33. Dancinganimal256

    I thought Sarah’s entry was that Meow Mix commerical where the cats sing the song (which is just meow over and over again) and her friends were just doing variations of it. I have no clue where you guys get the whole flirting/insulting thing, but that’s just me.

  34. Whats with all the women=kitchen=sandwich jokes? Isn’t that played out by now? Wahh! I got sand in my vaj.

  35. Sorry guys, had to do it. Couldn’t believe there weren’t any comments like that from somebody with butthurt feelings. I thought it was hilarious.

  36. Okay, I’m being REALLY slow, so can somebody explain the ‘what’s the other man doing in the kitchen?’ joke to me? The guy is being nice to the woman, flirting with her and thinks she’s attractive rather than yelling at her and smacking her around, therefore he’s a woman and is probably in the kitchen making sandwiches?

    I kinda feel sorry for Wanda if that’s how she sees it 🙁

  37. Dancinganimal256

    @ Hobo: A poor variation of the ‘kitchens are for women’ joke, that the ‘other man’ would never be in a kitchen in the first place. Apparently bachelors only get take out that comes with plates & utensils or starve to death, and women shit in the sink for they are always making sandwiches. I still do not understand how the joke is funny in the first place.

  38. Hobo! The WOMAN is in the kitchen, the man who’s flirting with her must be next to her at the time to do so.

  39. Grammar Police

    ^ Mystery solved.

  40. So I thought the Superman one couldn’t be any lamer. Then I realized it’s a self-post.
    That guy is made of fail.

  41. rebarbativebecc

    Hi self-upload of your own unfunny test answer…

  42. Mike needs to learn two things:

    1) Commenting on your own status before anyone else is not cool. Turning TMI into WayTMI in the process is even worse.
    2) The ellipsis is a useful form of punctuation, but probably shouldn’t be used far more frequently than the period or the comma…


    I know I sure am. Guh.

  44. @Demarion
    No rofl. Women in the kitchen jokes are hilarious, even if I am a girl.

  45. I’m in the kitch’n but I ain’t makin’ no samwhich.

  46. oh kitchen jokes… these never get old.

  47. bonjouralexis, i think that just means you have a shitty sense of humor. kitchen jokes are about on par with dead baby and blonde jokes these days.

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