Monday, May 17, 2010

It Never Gets Old

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  1. Ben is away today, i’m filling in.

  2. Much respect for the Green Grandma there. Although it COULD be medicinal, no?

  3. So that’s where my bag of high grade went to

    Damn you grandma !

  4. my grandma stole my perks after I had my wisdom teeth out. Grannies need to feel good too…..

  5. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    It could have been the same old bint. When I get high my laundry prowess wavers.

  6. What on earth is “llf”?

  7. i’m with douche… I can’t keep up with these abbreviations. Lol rofl lmao

  8. heavenlycoolatta

    llf stands for laugh (or laughing) like f*ck. I can’t keep with these abbreviations either. I have Urban Dictionary bookmarked in case I come across a new ones xD

  9. llf is “laugh like f*ck”. I’ve never heard anybody outside Northern Ireland say it though. We love stoned grannies here.

  10. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    In what country is post 2 legal?

  11. That grandma should have had consideration for the other people in line!

  12. @douchetastic I haven’t a clue either possibly laugh like fuck?? but that’s just a random guess

  13. I have a hope that Stephanie’s nan strangles her with those gray tops, just for being so damn stupid.

  14. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    That modern reputable bastion of useless factoids the urban dictionary informs me llf = laugh like fuck, as you do at the realisation that your grandma is struggling with day to day tasks while battling dementia.

    Did Robert even read the whole post? If he had done the whole sentence he may have pieced the scenario together a little better.

    Stephanie’s use of exclamation marks 2nd time around is notable however;
    “My nan didn’t die!” (that was your dead nan Rob-llf!)

    “I’m sorry to hear about your grandma!” (Wow, really, an exclamation mark there?)

    “Take care!” (Have fun grieving and stuff!)

  15. @Divine

    I read the whole thing, twice, and I still didn’t understand. I thought “all my white tops grey” was some sort of saying that she shared with her grandma. Some sort of inside joke/tribute that she was giving to her recently departed nan. The lack of my “llf” understanding made it hard to figure out the laugh, as well.

    Anyway… there were a crap load of capital 1’s in that second post of Stephanie, I agree there.

  16. according to urban dictionary llf stands for ‘laughing like fuck.’ seems like ‘lol’ isn’t good enough anymore

  17. according to at least 4 or 5 people in this comment section alone, “llf” stands for “laughing like fuck”. I once saw how fuck laughs and let me tell you, it’s out of control.

  18. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    mcowles: Robert thinks he knows how she feels, but until you have to lay your favourite white top to rest you just don’t know the pain….

  19. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    …and capital 1’s, I like that.

    I’m probably beating a dead horse here but “ha” has less letters in it than “lol” or “llf” and conveys the same emotion, surely.
    I’m bringing “ha” back…

  20. I sure hope Erin helped her roll those……

  21. @Divine I’m with you. I like “Ha” better… “llf” doesn’t even make sense to me and LOL and LAMO is getting over rated.

  22. I like ‘ho-ho’, like Father Christmas.

  23. “LOL” and “LMAO” and all the others have never not been annoying. Like people had never been able to signify laughter in written form before the Internet came along.

  24. llf


  26. Ha!

  27. lol

  28. #14,
    It’s not Robert’s fault that Stephanie doesn’t know the difference between “dyed” and “died”.

  29. malteaser!


  30. \(‘3’)/

  31. ha is indeed shorter than lol and lmao, but “haha” is not shorter.

    When’s the last time you could use “ha” in a conversation without the other person asking why there was only one?

  32. MsBuzzkillington

    I have used “ha” before in internet conversation and no one said anything. I do it, often.

    Kind of a , HA!

    Also, I am not against people smoking weed. I am not against grandmas smoking weed. But honestly, I think someone rolling out one right there on the counter is really really stupid. It isn’t cool and it isn’t funny.

  33. Actually, I hate using “lol” or any other abbreviation to convey laughter through text. However, I still use “lol” occasionally because people always say my texts are too dry and serious.

    Another pet peeve of mine is when people go back and correct their typos as if they might win a million dollars in a grammar contest. However, I think that correction was sorely needed in Stephanie’s update.

  34. Roll a blunt for grandma and she’ll smoke for a day. Teach grandma to roll a blunt and she’ll smoke until she loses her dentures while they are still in her mouth.

  35. So did Nan dye all the white tops or just a few of them? I noticed some back-tracking there, Stephanie.

  36. I don’t think it was rude grandma rolled on up at the counter as long as she shared with everyone else in line.

  37. @17, Mcowles you make me LLF

  38. Malteaser, although Im delighted that you have expanded you’re vocabulary…..please explain post #30.

    All Im getting in my sleep deprived, mind in the gutter state is some reference to spread eagled???


  39. @meh, the first thing that came to my mind at malteasers comment was goatse.
    I think I need to stay off the internet for a while, llf.

  40. I think its a smiley face head with two arms raised in the air and a fucked up piggy nose.

  41. ‘Let’s eat Grandma.’ – ‘Let’s eat, Grandma.’


  42. lol it’s someone with a kissy face going “yay”! Lamebook ruined the apostrophe >:(

  43. Madrid on fire

    I was using a website as I am not used to abbreviations (dont like them either) and it works really good to me:

  44. LMAO!!! Sorry.. but HAHAHAHAHA My status made it onto lamebook? That is AWESOME! To answer some questions, #2 happened in Canada, where pot is EXTREMELY illegal. I didn’t help her, cause I was on camera the whole time, but we were laughing our ass off in the store when she left!

  45. Umm…I don’t know where in Canada you live, but under a certain amount is definitely just a misdemeanor. Whatever people are telling you is wrong, and you should do some research.

  46. @ erasmuse…. anything under 28grams (ounce) is a slap on the write….2 ppl living in my house so i always got 2 ounces laying around…..who needs amsterdam when you got canada

  47. Waaaaaaaiiiittttt……she just said “my nan didn’t die! She just DYED…..” she wrote “dyed” right that time???

  48. #33 maskedman: If you don’t correct your mistakes, people tend to jump all over you. It’s easier to just correct ’em than spend any amount of time arguing/explaining.

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