Monday, January 17, 2011

That’s What Friends are for…

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  1. Lame to the bone.

  2. Screw you guys, I’m going home.

  3. What a bunch of suck!

  4. That’s not funny. That’s how my family sold a zebra skin rug on Ebay for next to nothing. Word.

  5. It might be because I’m English but I don’t get the first 2. Is it an American thing? Either way, if this is the best they can come up with it must’ve been a quiet weekend

  6. I liked the last one, Lynn’s friends making fun of her spelling.
    Ludacris is a rapper. ludicrous is the proper spelling.

  7. @5 I believe the first one is just one up man ship, just trying to say something sillier than the last. The 2nd one is one “friend” shaming another and then another commenting on the firsts lack of friends. Feel lucky that you don’t get it.

  8. The last one’s good but the other one’s are just lame. Can’t get any other funny posts, huh?

  9. @Terrybloke, The second one- a 404 error is typically a page not found error, so the joke is that their friendship isn’t found.

  10. Oh ok, that makes sense, thanks. They’re still shit though

  11. zebras.

  12. @zebras it’s a little late in the day for striped pajamas.

  13. define… a little late

  14. Past noon.

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