Monday, August 30, 2010

And the D-Bag of the Year Award Goes to…

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  1. I love how they only censored his face. not his abs.

    ps benjamin.

  2. this is not lamebook worthy.

  3. Not even remotely funny, and waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long anyway.

  4. So.. Do I have to have abs to act like a douchebag?

  5. pretty lame of the black dude

  6. he’s definitely exuding *something*, but it ain’t confidence.
    oh no, it ain’t.

  7. Life is a lot harder with no delts and pecs around.

  8. Old Spice guy, is that you?

  9. I choose to believe that this is The Man Your Man Can Smell Like.

  10. I bet 10 bucks that in real life, he’s overweight and has saggy manbreasts.

  11. I actually met someone like this once. I talked to him for a good 5 mins because I was too astounded to tell him to fuck off. Ew.

  12. this guy is a fuckwad.

  13. This is why all children should not receive the same trophy in little league. This is what happens when losers are awarded unwarranted self-esteem.

  14. This is lame as shit. Totally LAMEbook worthy.

  15. Giuseppe is gay.

  16. That dude is the shyt. And the urine.

  17. dirtylittlepretty

    9 out of 10 Helens agree that Guiseppe talks about fucking much better than he actually pulls it off.

  18. What a fucking douchenozzle this guy is!

  19. Tony Moclair should sue the shit outta this guy.

    “Situation is critical…I’m down to my last 2000 tracksuits”

    – Guido Hatzis

  20. Wait, he IS joking, right?

  21. Jesus Guiseppe, what a mindless bastard. I’m a guy and straight last I checked but if something showed up on Youtube tomorrow with Giuseppe being ass-banged I might just watch it, same goes for those Jersey Shore losers. They all just disgust me.

  22. Does Giuseppe remind anyone else of Smoove B from the Onion?,1022/

  23. Also, Stacey shouldn’t have implicitly conceded that she thinks some dickhead with a topless shot as his profile photo is attractive

  24. If he’s all that why does he have to pick up girls on the internet?

  25. I don’t think that guy was really black…because that guy actually spelled the words right…

  26. Guiseppe is pretty funny actually. I don’t know why you’re all complaining about him. You can see that he’s just goofing around, right? Right?

    If anyone is lame in this post, it’s bloody awful Stacey, the concerned-big-sister-type-friend:
    “Careful katie lol and i hope you feel better soon hun:) remember everything happens for a reason”

    Vomit! Who writes that kind of crap? And why does she need to put a “lol” and a fucking smiley in every sentence. Somebody should stick a big hairy carrot in that humorless mouth of her.

  27. I can’t even be fucking bothered to “lol” this. Lol. Dammit.

    Bathe in my radiant light you mere mortals for I am fantastic and you suck!

  28. I heard every post by this guy in a husky voice.

  29. I heard it in a high-pitched, whiny voice that he’s trying REALLY hard to make sound deeper than it really is.

  30. He strikes me as the type who has massive amounts of sex, but only with himself.

  31. headface, that’s the first thing i thought of. it’s totally smoove b.

  32. I seriously doubt this guy could perform anyway with the steroid trifecta of raisin-nuts, unwarranted rage and bacne.

  33. Only 4% body fat? I most certainly want a taste of that. Lean meat ftw.

  34. I get the distinct impression that all his meat is between his ears

  35. All you guys are just haters. I happen to have 3% body fat, and can bench 115 lbs., and all sexy ladies everywhere can just feel my aura of sensual sexiness. It’s not coming on strong, it’s my power to fully render the ladies defenseless; to make them regress and return to the womb — the womb of my immeasurable sensuality. When women of any age see me, they realize their purpose on this earth is to succumb to my raw sexual thrustability and, like a mass caught in the curved space of gravity, they instantly plummet towards me. Sensual.

  36. @35 Awesome dude, just plain fucking awesome. You gave me a boner, WTG.

  37. merle, are unnatractive women impervious to your sex aura?

  38. Old Spice Guy’s gotta know when to back off.

  39. @35
    oh yeah? well i have 2% body fat and can bench press 200 lbs. my sensual aura of sexiness is like 20 times as strong as yours. in fact, if my aura and your aura got in a fight, my aura would eat yours and bang your aura’s aura girlfriend. bitch.

  40. dirtylittlepretty

    lexluther-i’d totally sex your aura.

  41. I think the 2010 Lamey for Douche of the Year can be handed out early to Giuseppe.

    Merle1971: you make me wish I was girl. *sigh*

  42. my aura would gladly sex you dirtylittlepretty ;)does thursday work for you?

  43. anybody else feel like this guy just screams rapist?

  44. damn it! I hate when I read the long posts waiting for the punch line, and it never comes! double ewe-tee-effe!

  45. he’s not black. black people don’t have guido names like Giuseppe..they have names like Jamal

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