Monday, August 30, 2010

Positive Posts

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  1. *sigh*

  2. I love Jennifer

  3. i liked these. especially the last 2. Jennifer sounds like my kinda girl.

  4. Mark, you made me laugh. Thai girls – so fucking true. Why oh why did you give her your number? It’s going to go on for a lot longer than a month. Those chicks are terrier-tough. They grab on and don’t let go. I pity you, fella. Ahahahahahaha…

  5. I already called dibbs Mr. Luther.

  6. Chad cracked me up… Erin’s response was pretty good as well.

    I guess overall I approve.

  7. I’ve seen people copy-and-pasting the first one. I find all of these terribly unfunny.

  8. I love number two :0

  9. 🙂 *
    and number two as in the second post. Let’s not get ourselves confused.

  10. WTF is Lisa trying to say? … or Jon for that matter.

    I guess I need another Keith’s…unless Wes wants to pass me that bottle for a minute… or two.

  11. #2 … They should have totally been the lyrics … Papa roach version = shit faggy emo shite

    Yes … There is a link to number 2 and the word shit

  12. lamebook made me happy today. for once.

  13. The second post is fantastic. That song sucks but their lyrics are fun. 🙂
    For anyone that doesn’t know, they are referencing Last Resort – Papa Roach.

  14. these all made me giggle. well not the first one, I’ve seen that one a zillion times already

  15. Thanks kumquat…

  16. Best post in quite a while. Keep ’em coming.

  17. dirtylittlepretty

    soo..what’s the word on Thai guys?
    i liked Erin ;~) i thought it was cute

    Jennifer should drink something better than Jack …ugh that shit smells like a stinky foot!

  18. no need to get greedy. if she’s the kind of girl i think she is i doubt that she would mind us sharing her.

  19. Chad made me laugh. Hard. Jennifer’s awesome.

  20. The 2nd post made me want pizzas. Anyone want to bake pizzas with me?

  21. can we put mushrooms on em? if so, i’m in.

  22. These actually made me chuckle. I’ll have to reread tomorrow to see if it’s only because of the cold medicine.

  23. The second one definitely made me lol. I read it the first time and kind of went, ‘HAH!’ and then I read it the second time to the tune of the actual song and it was way funnier. If you don’t know the song, it’s definitely not that funny.

    also, I agree with dirtylittlepretty. Not only does it smell like feet, it tastes like rotten bananas.

  24. Jennifer could be any one of the girls that hang out in my general vicinity

    Also, has anyone seen cursor_mortis lately?

  25. DUDE. The second one had me breathless with laughter. I immediately heard the tune in my head after the first three words.

  26. i love the the way how #2 replaced the lyrics of the actual song

  27. Sara scares me…. And I’m a woman…

  28. The first is actually a fb group. As for the third one it is joke of comedian Brian Regan (not the response just the first part). Look him up he’s fricking hilarious.

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