Wednesday, September 9, 2009

EXcuses EXcuses…


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  1. @AnonisGay

    Just wanted to let you know that someone has seen all of your posts on the different threads.

    With different names of uncle’s in every one and various horrendous incest stories each time, are we really meant to take you seriously? If these aren’t true then you need just as much help as if they were true. It is undermining and disrespectful to all of the poor people who REALLY went through those sorst of horrible ordeals.

  2. i don’t understand any of this guy’s logic…

    first of all utter douche for posting something like that on facebook

    secondly, if (and may i say that is seeming like an “if” the size of the pacific) she was indeed raped, that no longer denotes the situation as “cheating”

    what an insensitive, illiterate moron.

  3. maybe he tried raping her, but then unexpectedly she said yes?

  4. Wow. So apparently rape = cheating now. Good to know.

    Victim blaming is BAD.

  5. @jenni Y’know what’s ACTUALLY bad? When a woman (much like yourself) cheats on her significant other, then claims that the person she cheated with forced himself on her to try and make it look like she’s a victim, and not a lying, cheating whore.

    So please, don’t get all “Victim blaming is BAD.”, when women are the ones who make false claims of being the victim to try and get out of what they’ve done in the FIRST PLACE!

  6. @Joshua

    Victim blaming is bad. Lying about being the victim of a crime is also bad, but rape is the only crime where the victim is automatically doubted and the burden of truth placed on her (or him) — how often do you question whether a burglary or mugging actually happened? Not often, I’ll bet. Here’s hoping you grow out of your misogyny.

  7. @Aine

    The burden of proof is always placed on the person alleging a crime.

    The presumption of innocence, and the requirement of evidence is pretty fundamental to the law in most democratic countries.

    Victim blaming doesn’t question whether a rape took place, but suggests that a victim encouraged an attack. Victim blaming is disgusting, and I cannot imagine any sane person suggesting that any victim of violence asked for it.

    Victim blaming is a social issue, and not a legal one. The idea that women are the gatekeepers to sex, and that any openness sexually is an invitation to sexual aggression is social, not legal.

    If I claim that you broke into my house, or mugged me, the burden of proof is entirely on me. I have to prove that you committed such a crime. This is true in ALL crimes.

    The major issue with regard to rape is social stigma, not legal. The fact that women do not come forward due to potential social repercussions mean that other women do not come forward due to social repercussions. Rapists know this and count on it. If every rape was reported than every rapist would have multiple allegations and little chance to hide.

  8. WOW, the reasoning here. First, Christopher thinks that if someone tries to rape his GF, she’s cheating. Then comes Lara, who points out that it’s *not* cheating, because she *wasn’t* raped, it was just a try.

    I’m going to kill myself now.

    Also, Joshua: I think you missed Jenni’s point. Yes, those kind of women suck, but that really wasn’t the point here.

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