Tuesday, September 25, 2012


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  1. Maybe I’m showing my age, but its a bit fucking weird being friends with your students on facebook.

  2. I agree. There’s no good reason for that. They make educational websites specifically designed so that you can communicate with your students in a professional manner.

  3. ...bitch bitch moan moan complaining complaining

  4. I love how the teacher is on FB instead of teaching said class…

  5. Surely any teacher worth their salt would actually take the opportunity to quiz the pupil on why they aren’t enjoying the class, rather than just instantly refuting the opinion?.

  6. ^ I concur. and the prof’s response was pretty boring and unengaging.

  7. @3 Made me wonder if they are teaching Lamebook these days.

  8. #3 is lame because the teacher misspelled “History”

  9. Surprised none of you fuckers have picked up on the fact that the teacher and manager also had to be logging into Facebook to find out their employees/students were on Facebook to start with…
    Ironic fucking hypocrites at their best – it’s what our world’s built on.

  10. hootie the blowfish

    Crusty, the less you speak, the less chance there is of you sounding like a total dumbass. Comment No. 4 already pointed out that the teacher was on Facebook too, and the manager didn’t log onto Facebook, hence why they posted in Anna’s name. Looks like they went to the company computer and found Anna’s Facebook open.

  11. Maybe if the teacher was actually teaching rather than facebooking….

  12. Shit, that was already said, twice. Man I hate reading.

  13. I stand corrected – that’ll teach me to read the comments properly. Really glad I don’t give a fuck what you think of me though, ‘cos that would be a real bitch. Hootie the blowfish …I had to Google it. Your username is a fucking band? Lamebook is no place for a little girl.

  14. The band is ‘Hootie AND the Blowfish.’ I believe the two names are completely unrelated.

  15. Stomabeutel v1.2 SP2

    That band is actually called “Hootie and the Blowfish”, it’s all in the details crusty. Reading and details are surely not your friends.

  16. Wasn’t Mrs. Cooper on FB while she was suppose to be teaching?

  17. leave crusty alone.
    yeah, he might be shit at reading comprehension and life, but what gives anyone here the right to imagine that he is an ill-educated bucket of dog cum?
    Nothing. That’s what. And I, for one, am offended at the implication.

  18. Yes, I know what the band is called – I just didn’t think it necessary to specify between her fucking username and the band. Especially as I was implying they were two of the same.

    Fuck me you’re all more anal than Ron Jeremy.

  19. No ones more of an ANALyst than me

    I like that crusty saying he didnt know who hootie and the blowfish were and calling the person who named themselves after them “a little girl”, as though its little girls who would like hootie and the blowfish, rather than people in their 30s. Don’t little girls listen to Justin Bieber and thats it?

  20. No. I implied he was a little girl because it’s little girls who put band names, singers etc as their user name as some sort of attempt to be…well, fuck knows.

  21. Yeah, that actually is a good point, its only the true mature adults who come up with the witty euphemisms for sex organs that they didn’t come up with on their own for use as usernames. The fact that you are berating someone for the quality of the username they registered makes you a friggin immature child. Everyone even at the age of 15 has way more important things they should be doing than worrying about how ‘good’ their username is.

    You think for a second, try it, if its not taken, then you can comment and call someone a retard for their comment. worked for me

  22. @21: Your username suggests you are cognitively undeveloped when it comes to certain words, therefore you have no right to talk. Also, ‘first impressions’ between strangers extends to social media including usernames etc. There are papers on the subject. Educate yourself, it’s free.

  23. ^analrapevictim is one of the biggest fucktards to ever bray at a computer screen.
    I don’t think it is educable.
    Just ignore it, pausing only to insult it. Try not to get any on your shoe.

  24. hootie the blowfish

    I’m actually a blowfish, and my name is Hootie. Mystery solved.

  25. ^are you on medication for that?

  26. ^ How do you think he became a blowfish?

  27. euphemisms for sex organs that they didn’t come up with on their own for use as usernames.

    I kinda did come up with myself though, not that I’m particularly proud of it, but I thought it added a little more spice than simply ending with “errrrrrr”.

  28. way to compare yourself to the lowest common denominator in life.
    So, you’re cleverer than fucking steever. Good for you, your mother must be v. proud.

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