Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Badvertisement


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  1. THIRST!

  2. Looks like Thirst needs a good colon cleansing

  3. I once inhaled Jesus. The thorns scratched my throat on the way down.

  4. Can I make sure that my girlfriend isn’t inhaling jesus?

  5. I got a colon cleanse, I had to inhale some jesus after to get over it.

  6. @mcowles

    you genious!

  7. Well, according to atomic theory, we’re all inhaling atoms that once were part of Jesus, so, in a way…

  8. The top right one would be lame if it weren’t a bumper sticker.

  9. Best part of “your girlfriend” is that he appears to be in San Francisco right now. The cheating bastard.

  10. well,I once inhaleted Jesus,the cross got stuck in my throath,damn it!

  11. @admins

    you forgot to blur out Savannah Winans’ last name. also, i think you can do better than all these ads of late. let’s see some actual posts.


    perhaps ‘jesus’ [hay-soos] is a new strain of mexican marijuana.

  12. I like the bad ads. And they gave us one on the weekend and this one has four so they know it isn’t quite equal to a regular post so I don’t mind.

  13. Your girlfriend isn’t cheating.
    He’s just getting a colonic.

  14. @ hill Billy

    I like how you wrote her last name in your post, so that even though the admins did blur it out, I can still see what it was =P

  15. @Grizz

    the top right one is funny because it was written by a blonde claiming to not be stupid, but she used “their” instead of “they are”

  16. @yoyo

    Yeah, I got that, but I assumed that since it’s a bumper sticker, it was an intentional dumb blonde joke, and not an accident. Otherwise it’d be a pretty crappy bumper sticker.

  17. Yes, but “Savannah,” who uploaded it, most likely thought nothing of the improper use of “their.” She probably thought she was taking a political stand. Hence, dumb blond.

  18. You missed an ‘e’ in ‘blonde’, honey.

  19. Victoria: both spellings are correct, actually. “Blonde” was traditionally the female spelling of “blond,” although it seems to be the main spelling now for both sexes. “Blond” is still used, however.

  20. Yeah- but its the wrong way to spell “they’re”

  21. too much technical talk in here…lame

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