Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Catastrophe

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  1. I hope this is real I found it to be pretty funny, the best humor is done by pissing the person off until the very end.

  2. “Until” the very end?

  3. Until the bitter end! Mike will die in a ditch friendless just so he can make mildly amusing jokes. Heather is a bit of a stupid bitch for having him on her friend list in the first place so I guess the only lesson we can learn here is that people are stupid cunts.

  4. Cats are a dime a dozen where I live, I have 3 walking on my wall right now. It’s just a cat, find the owner and tell them to get another one.

  5. Wow, Heather is fuckin’ retarded.

  6. You’re a fucking stupid asshole Mario and so is Mike. I wish I could shoot your ass dead.

  7. i always wonder why people keep people like “mike” around.

  8. christopherlovet

    It wasn’t even her cat. I’m with Mike on this. Heather deserves the abuse.

  9. Heather and Mike will end up getting married if they aren’t already.

    Oh, and I’m sure there are some hungry kids in Indiana that would be grateful to have a few extra kitties. I’ve eaten cat before. It was the best chicken I ever had.

  10. You’d think these guys would be pro cat. It’s most likely the only pussy that they will ever touch.

  11. My cat was killed one February, I was determined to bury him but the ground was froze. He rode around in the trunk of my car for about 3 weeks until I realized ‘I was driving around with a dead cat in my trunk’.. so I just tossed him in a dumpster behind the Community Center.

  12. I’m conflicted. The animal lover in me thinks that Mike is a heartless douche and the twisted sociopath wants to buy Mike a beer, all while the real me watched these 2 argue. My psychiatrist says that’s the reason I have a spiffy new wardrobe of restrictive jackets. I don’t care ’cause I like being able to bang my head against the cushy wall in my new room without it hurting.

  13. Cats should be neutered. HAHAHAHA i’d buy Mike a drink.

  14. I can confirm this is true and genuine. I personally know both of these people and heard about this firsthand. She is very pissed at Mike.

  15. what are their full names please?

  16. Sterling81, is Mike as evilly funny as he first appears?

    IMO, Heather was a victim in this whole tragedy. The owners of cats who let them run on the road are the real evildoers.

  17. sorry, I like them and have two myself and everything – but it was just a fucking cat.

  18. Don’t worry; I’ll make tons of jokes about Mike’s untimely demise…which may come sooner than you think with a few more jokes.

  19. Maybe this experience will teach Heather not to text while she’s driving.

  20. ^ If she’s the one who hit it with her car and, instead of driving to the closest vet, walked around with it bleeding to death in her arms whilst trying to find the owner, she deserves the abuse.

  21. yeah, Mike’s a douche.

  22. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Wait, so it wasn’t even Heather’s cat?

  23. ^ Yes, it was, which is why it died in her arms. She spent too much time trying to reach a peak of self-actualization, of which she failed miserably.

  24. Oh my god the heightened drama of all this is killing me…!

    IS Mike a douche?

    IS Heather a boring stupid bitch?

    DID the cat piss of a cartoon coyote shortly before it died?

    Tune in next week to find out more from the social commentators / sociopaths at lamebook…

  25. ^unique snowflake has spoken.

  26. And THAT was funny MsAnne? I’m glad you don’t find me funny if that’s the level of humour you’re after.

  27. what are you trying to accomplish, crusty?

  28. I’m special…


  29. you should feel lucky, they have special education for your type now.

  30. I’m just arguing for sake of it because you’re a nasty, twisted person and no else has really taken up the challenge. And as always, it helps pass the time ’till 5pm.

  31. I love you all!

  32. TheBowlingBallerina

    Is Mike single?

  33. ^You want a partner who enjoys the pain of others? MsAnne should be your target

  34. Unique snowflake ? That reference was funny. Once. On those other stupid websites this website sponsors up top.

  35. ^
    are you like that weird bitch who was on here the other day complaining how she hates the 5 lame and unfunny websites she reads every morning before she trots off to her sad little job?

  36. Nope. As if anyone would hire Flames.

  37. really? is the wonderful new suit in charge of qld to shut down the sheltered workshops after he’s done slashing the arts?

  38. ^ credit where due…that shit was lolworthy

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