Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Alotta Crazy

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  1. *yawn*

  2. so who dies first?

  3. WOW, try hard Gangster and try hard Lesbo all wrapped in one. My money is on Crazy Girl being a little white suburban High school chick called Tiffany.

  4. I do not believe that there is an educational institution which offers any kind of High Learning qualification such as a “degree in Ghetto”.

    “Ur” is often used as a substitute for “Your” which is in turn often mistaken for its contraction, “You’re”.

    blatant stereotyping is in use with full force here ,and, aside from a missing full stop (“period” for any typically obese, prejudicially educated, warmongering, nationally narcissistic, mindlessly consumerist, self entitled, culture-less, gun totting American cunts reading this) – “Guy who is either brave or stupid) has gotten most of the grammer correct during, his final post.

  5. I fucked the ghetto whore who posted this.

  6. My thirty-first wife was surprised to find that love could feel a bit like a barium enema delivered via a bull elephants’ squirting trunk.

  7. Reality, your grammar and spelling is a joke.

  8. ‘I want to suck your luv cud’ has actually worked out pretty well for me over the years.

  9. @ Lachrymal: Accurate.

  10. Totting? Seriously?

  11. Fake!

  12. /sigh. No, not seriously.

  13. Zzzzzzz.

  14. Loved brave/stupid guy’s response, on account of I was thinking the same thing.

    According to the Urban Dictionary’s vast resource of language definitions, totting is defined as the following:

    verb: The actions taken by prostitots, or tots, during their path of destruction, a.k.a. penis consumption. These actions could be something as small as walking or approaching young men, or important as breathing and licking testes in the movie theater bathroom for free tickets to Transformers 2.
    “Hey Jimmy, look at those tots over there totting it up!”

    “Oh my god bro, you will never believe what happened. I saw my younger sister totting it up at the mall with her friends, and I almost hurled.”
    “Ew dude thats f*cking gross! What is she like… 13?”

    “Hey mom, put on Maury. There are some tots on stage totting around.”

  15. ^ Nails, you definitely painted a brand new picture for RealityCheck’s “gun totting”. Thanks for making me laugh.

  16. ^ You’re welcome, beatus. 🙂

  17. This hurts.

  18. Fucking kill them all!

  19. ◔ ◔

  20. ◔ ◔

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