Thursday, March 29, 2012

The More You Know

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  1. hootie the blowfish

    Well Tarah certainly sounds like a winner.

  2. Ugh. *sticking a pencil in my eye*

  3. Pushing her down an elevator shaft will help her save on the Plan B.

  4. #1. Those all sound like completely valid expenses to me. The issue here is her inability to budget, not what she is spending it on. None of that sounds frivolous at all. Unless Lindsey wants to push her down an elevator shaft for lack of budgeting skills… sounds a bit harsh.

  5. what is it that she’s put in his ass and does he know it’s there?

  6. Tracking device?

  7. Well, prison WILL provide him with whatever his hungry ass and mouth desire. Win-Win.

  8. @Stubby, not budgeting issues, but priority issues. She doesn’t have her priorities straight. Basically, if she didn’t spend all her money on vacations and birthday parties for herself, she could put herself through school and hopefully land a career that will allow her to invest her money and save up a huge fortune with which she can retire and pay all of her medical bills.

  9. Tarah is going to shame her ex through talking about their sex life? Yeah because that’s very mature. When will people realise that men love their ass played with and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Right then fellas … show of hands?

  10. Don’t imagine it’s a very wise idea to tell a man you’re happy you killed his baby. That’s the kind of shit you wouldn’t mind going to prison for.

  11. Dawn of the Dan

    Yeah, seriously Stubby…
    If you owe your school 2 grand, you need to pay that before you take any sort of spring break vacation.

  12. Oh Tarah, you think you are making your husband sound bad in your post…I gotta be honest, my first thought was no wonder he’s fucking someone else you physcho bitch! Even if your vindictive rantings are true, you stayed in a relationship with a man who would rather be bedding a guy then you…not because he’s gay I assume, or he wouldn’t have done Jessica…but just because he’d rather think about sucking dick and getting done in the ass then the fact that he was sleeping with your skanky ass! You statement about killing a baby shows just what a disgusting waste of skin you really are!

  13. Physcho bhitches are the whorst.

  14. You people are so quick to judge. It could be worse, you know. She could have notkilled the baby. And forced it to live with her.

  15. ^Excellent point.

  16. just imagine the treasury of posts she’d create if she had an actual, living child to use for her emotional blackmail and bitch-hearted venting. instead of just using the one she mercy killed.

  17. Well Tara has managed to establish herself as a miserable excuse for a human being in just a few lines of text. Not only has she engaged in the puerile practice of airing dirty laundry on FB, she’s exposed the fact that she kisses and tells, marries for convenience, dates ex-cons, and kills babies. She’s also made a bit of a threat to Jessica. On Facebook, FFS. Guess nothing better happen to Jessica now!
    It’s truly disturbing that there are people out there like this.

  18. lots of ’em to!

  19. she married him because some other guy left her, she got pregnant by him, she put things in his ass (presumably because he asked) and we are supposed to believe that HE is the loser ?

    yah… right.

  20. Great fuckin’ point, misanthrope.

  21. where’s little crusty with the bitching and the moaning?

  22. Sorry, I was trying to keep up with all the bullshit you posted on the other comments. Just about all caught up though. So what’s up? Nothing worth bitching and moaning about here.

  23. that’s never stopped you before. EVER.


  25. no shit?

  26. Oddly enough, I can’t register for classes because I owe $1500… however I’m not going to the Dominican for Spring Break, I haven’t had a birthday party since I was 11, and I know how to use birth control and not need Plan B twice a month… I’m just broke.

  27. I don’t like these “collections”, it’s hard to vote on them. A thumb up for the upper one, and a thumb down for Tarah. (Bitch.)

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