Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Unintentionally Racist

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  1. You know what’s worse than this? Intentional racism. As in, knowing the difference, and mixing them up anyway to piss you off.

  2. ^You are being serious on lamebook…my sensors have not experienced this before.

  3. Your “sensors” haven’t experienced much, have they T? 😀

  4. Capn, incorrect. I have been on earth for 21 years now, and am intimately familiar with your ways. This is an anomoly.

  5. An anomoly, huh? Does it tickle down there when you sense an “anomoly”?

  6. Incorrect. I immediatly destroy the anomoly.

  7. So you abort? Doesn’t it hurt?

  8. English and Spanish speaking construction workers.. from Malaysia?. . hmmmm.

  9. Stay the fuck out of this dryheat, it’s none of your business you filthy cunt!

  10. What made the boss a racist? Being annoyed by construction?

  11. Nothing, from what I read, but OP assumed they were wetbacks, so…maybe he was the racist…who cares, anyways? Since when do you give a shit about border jockeys or malay’s? I sure fucking don’t!

  12. ^never heard ‘wetback’ before, thanks for increasing my knowledge of racial slurs, Capn.

  13. ^ Really, frankenstein? I thought that one was common knowledge. Well, that’s probably an assumption that us white folks from the U.S. always make.
    I also drive a gas-guzzling pick-em-up truck. Of course, that’s much needed for what I do, and I can’t fit 3 kids in a Prius, so maybe it’s a wash.

    What am I talking about? Oh, wetbacks…

  14. ^it’s a term (according to google) for mexicans swimming across some river to get to the US.. and you just assume the whole world should know this term.. This is why the rest of the world despise you

  15. No, I really thought it was common, corrected myself for that, and made the reference to American assumptions; that should have been enough for you, dick.

    But I do say, note the meaning of the term, you telling me what it means, and then telling me the rest of the world despises America.
    There is a tad bit of irony in the illegal immigration problems, AND the legal immigration backlogs we have here, and the “everyone hates America” statements that constantly fly around.

    But that’s okay, just a tad bit. And I love you.

  16. This country is such a horrible country and everyone in the world despises it…

    …yet they all want to live here. Go figure.

  17. No, they don’t all want to. Seriously I would rather be a cat.

  18. ^ Well, you ARE a pussy, soooo….

  19. That’s all you got you walmart shopping babymaking redneck hick? How is it you were smart enough to reproduce, or did you know how you got them thar youngins?

  20. Actually, the only country the US is afraid of is Canada. It would be very easy for Canada to invade us and take over, because we’d never be able to tell the Canadians apart from the Americans. They look and talk just like us, except they have better chocolate.

  21. But we only have electronic mosquito whackers for weapons.

  22. @19: Yeah, that’s all I have, you fucking skeezy frog.

    Oh, what do urine samples and Canadian beer have in common?
    The taste.

    Now I’m done, bitch.

  23. SO fuck. What you telling me for?

  24. #21 Please, just go masturbate a couple times and get out some of that pent up aggression. It’s getting you nowhere. I’d probably give you a little mercy fuck, but I don’t bone birds with beady little eyes and flappy heads! I will let you blow me for a small fee, though…

  25. We’ve burned down the White House once already. We celebrate the 200 year anniversary this year. With cake. And strippers.

  26. Trollol has been to canada it sucks ass but the free health care is great ehhh? And that’s hilarious the racist couldn’t tell a malaysian from a mexican they don’t even look alike but he must have been in california where everyone assumes if you work in construction and you’re not white that means you’re mexican

  27. Come on Nails, you pulled down your pants, bent over my lap and begged me to spank you.. who am I to deny such a request?
    And sorry, but I’m in love with beatus atm.

  28. @24. Already did that. Then I came to this site, surveyed the lay of the land and realized nobody brings their nice game here. So came in with my fists up. As far as the mercy fuck, maybe you swing that way, but I don’t. As for the blow job, I don’t pay. I get paid. And you don’t have enough$ you gin-addled hobo.

  29. ^You’re a Canadian, male prostitute on bathsalts? Should the Chinese nationals around here start worrying?

  30. When have I ever been mean?

  31. Not a male prostitute. I just make shit up as I go because I’m a jerk. ALways have been always will be.
    I meant on the whole, beatus. A new name comes on here, says one thing and it’s like a desperate bunch of insult vultures anxious to see who can ‘get that guy good first!” Only have to watch a couple weeks to find that out. I always take the first punch.
    Whore do we keep the Chinese nationals?

  32. Swing what way? Are you implying that you’re a man? I doubt that. I’m pretty well convinced you’re a bitch, and nothing you can say is going to change that. So, on yer knees lady! You’re not entertaining enough to get my respect, at this point..So you’re gonna have to do it the old fashioned way…Just swallow your pride and crawl back under my desk like the last whore that decided mouthing off to me was a good idea. Guys like you are a dime a dozen! Cheers 😀

  33. ^Incorrect. Only the stupid are treated this way.

  34. Make up your mind you knobheaded pirate wannabe. I’m a chick up until the end when I’m a guy? Little too much rum huh? Earn your respect? Fuck that. Like I need the respect of a retarded regular on a site that has maybe 6 other regulars just like him.her/it whatever the hell you are. Probably a cat fucker like the rest. Boring as shit too. bleh.

  35. This is teh internetz bubba. You are whatever I say you are, and you’re definitely a chick until you can prove to me otherwise. I didn’t say you NEEDED my respect…just that you’re acting a little butt-hurt and trying awful fucking hard to get my attention, and how did this cat fucker shit start anyway? Sheba? I hope you have some lube, I’m fresh out, so, unless you enjoy the extra friction I suggest you find some…otherwise I’m going to take the Ms’s ad-vice and just spit on your tight little asshole before attempting penetration…and if you even so much as reply to this with any inkling or hint that this is rape, I’m going to take it as implied consent, and politely ask you to comply with my demands, or I’m going balls deep, whether you like it or not…but I have a feeling you will…they all do.

  36. That was a wall of text, and sorry lost interest after the CAPITALS so sure, whatever you said

  37. @27 frank: True. I had it coming. Don’t hit too hard, please?

  38. ^pussy.

  39. ^ your mum.

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