Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quick Ones

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  1. The first one was actually pretty good. I chuckled. The second one was too predictable.

  2. The first one reminded me of my trip to China when I got the runs after eating in a market, went to the public restroom (in my skinny jeans), where there was no toilet but a hole on the ground. After splashing the entire place (my Converse included) with my runs, I realized that there was no toilet paper. Thank God for Verizon, because I could text my friend to bring me toilet paper.

    Unfortunately it was December, and he also had to walk several blocks to find a place that sold toilet paper. I had to squat with my soiled ass up in the air for like 25 minutes in December China temperature before he came back with it… It was a nice experience, and I still love my skinny jeans.

  3. Dunno about nice rob, seems pretty horrific!

  4. Why do people go into a public toilet, shit and then only check if there is toilet paper? I mean most times the roll is right there… If there is nothing, keep it in or something.

  5. Sometimes there’s just no time for checking, or the ability to keeping it in or something.

  6. *for

  7. This is why I only poop at home.

  8. I care about the toilet habits of EXACTLY NONE OF YOU.
    stfu you filthy subhumans.

  9. Mutants. All of them.

  10. The first comment was predictable yet funny, but the second comment was even funnier because it was pretty random. The third comment was unnecessary, while the fourth commment is really only worthwhile because it caused the fifth comment and sixth. The seventh comment was the best because it was probably true and possibly written by an actual woman, while the eighth is the worst and written by either a man with a girly screen name or a girl known for “her” manly replies. The ninth comment is hard to judge, only because of the sublime awesomeness of the tenth comment.

  11. The 10th comment was as shit as the shit story

  12. Then the eleventh comment was so horrible that the author was stripped, nailed into a spiked barrel(like an iron maiden), and driven about the town pulled by a black horse and white horse until dead…just like in a fairy tale!

  13. Oh you little tease

  14. The first one is genius.

  15. If you thought my comment was funny, you’re extremely easily amused.

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