Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ducks’ Swimmers

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  1. My next target: Ducks.

  2. Hey, T1000, DUCK!

  3. Fuck a duck.


  5. but he doesn’t have one! Only you can do it! I CHOOSE YOU! *throws T1000 sized pokeball* *T1000 uses impale, and misses*

  6. Completely relevant…The cap on the bottle of beer I just opened says “A foul fowl is nothing to cluck at”, take it how you fucking please.

  7. I take it you drink swill

  8. Might as fucking well be, my feline friend…click on my name and find out..At least I don’t lap mine up out of a bowl…pussy!

  9. bowl.. toilet.. same thing

  10. So what you’re saying is it doesn’t matter where you get you’re liquids from, just that you get them, right? SO if if I stick my cock in your mouth and take a piss you’d be ok with that?

  11. If the choice is American beer, then probably I would prefer piss. Mind if I take the cap off with my teeth though? It’s how we do it here in Canuckastan, where, by the way, we drink real beer.

  12. Take the cap off any way you please, dear, if you get splinters it’s not my fault! I already KNOW american beer is inferior, you think I take pride in this shit? Really? Just means I piss twice as much, so, I hope your gullet can take it!

  13. and #10 *your, it’s YOUR, motherclucker!

  14. Capn’ you are on fire tonight. Both in sledging and self-acknowledged typos.. full respect.

    No-one called Barry is getting laid anyway so I don’t know what he’s bitching about.

  15. There are plenty of good American beers. Canadian beers taste like that Tim Horton piss.

    The American beers that are good are all from micro-breweries, and certainly NOT that swill from the big companies (Annheuser-Busch, Coors, etc.). Nothing beats a super-hoppy IPA on a hot day (and a cold or warm day, as well)!

    Cap’n, take pride in the good ones. Nothing wrong with Magic Hat (though I’m not a fan of the winter crap you have). Just please, dear God, don’t ever let some tool from Canada start talking about their pilsners and other swill – i.e., Molson, Labatt, Moosehead, etc.).

  16. Yeah, micro-brews are special breed, they don’t count in the discussion of shit beer, like that Busch I’ve been drinking…The winter mix may not be the best blend, but it was 50% off when I bought it 😀 Only thing that them there Canadians have going for ’em is Crown, but good liquor/whiskey is a whole ‘nother discussion eh?

  17. Can’t beat 50% off; especially in this economy!
    Yeah, I don’t do hard liquor, but I hear that shit is good.

  18. Yes because we have no microbreweries dumbfuckknowitall. Maybe you should do some hard liquor – might help you make sense. Sad your economy sucks haha. Must be great to be american. Maybe you should buy some better elections this year.

  19. Your economy sucks too, pissflaps. Fuck off and die in your swill.

  20. Sure doesn’t. Maybe you should take time off from making all those babies and read a paper or something.

  21. I like how this turned into some sort of patriotic mudfight.

  22. Yes, because the locality that an individual was lucky or unlucky enough to be born in (by pure chance, mind you), is somehow a reflection of that person’s self worth.
    Find something real to be proud of, FFS.

  23. Holy shit, so MsAnneThrope reblogged something 19 hours ago that was similar to what I was getting at above, but phrased a lot more eloquently: bootyregrit.tumblr.com/post/26970919142/the-unpopular-opinions-being-proud-of-being


  24. I agree Bacchante and normally try and leave “patriotism” out of it. But FFS, ignoring the constant “fuck all Americans / that’s why the world hates you / etc. / etc. /etc.” drivel that is constantly thrown around just gets goddamned tiring.

    I may be wrong (it’s happened once or twice), but it’s usually a Brit, Aussie or Canuck that blathers out some “fuck all americans” shit, and of course, “all americans are obese.” Then, that gets answered.

    But who cares. America realyl isn’t that bad. The fucking government and politicians are true cunts, but show me a country that isn’t like that.

  25. America is the most obese nation. 30 percent are obese, another 30 percent are overweight. 14% of Canadians are obese. Not great, but still better
    If Americans hadn’t been so high-handed and arrogant with their superiority in the past, people wouldn’t be so happy to rub their noses in it now. It’s just nice to give a little of that back for once

  26. Any country who could claim the status of “superpower” and be able to back that up, probably would have, could have, or did the same thing.
    That’s why, despite all the bullshit that exists in our plump little land of the free, it’s still a highly desirable and sought-after place to come to. There is still opportunity here WAY higher than in other countries.

    And sometimes (read: most times) I wish that wasn’t so. Not the opportunity part, but all the miscreants who want to come live here and transform it into their country (salad bowl), rather than treat it as the melting pot it’s supposed to be.

    Good luck France and Britain when the goddamned Muslims and the extremism that goes along with Islam completely takes over your countries [more].

  27. I don’t like salad…fuck all that lettuce and cucumber shit…send it back where it came from! Bring on the POT!

  28. Nails, as much as I respect most non-military related things you say, this isn’t a non-military thing, is it?
    So, I’m proposing that the gloves come off, sir.
    If either of us is stupid enough to try and defend their deeply-held and most sacred views on how fucking stupid it is to throw down your free will and pick up a gun to follow orders and kill – or not – then the other person may feel free to use whatever offense is necessary to refute the blistering, violent, patriarchal bullshit.

    because words>bullets.

    you wanna go?

  29. Sigh… nah, cuz I agree with you – I’m not trying to change your mind, and you’re not trying to change mine. This was technically more political than it was military, but I guess they probably go hand in hand (left that one open for ya).
    It’ll just be a bunch of long-ass comments, and won’t resolve anything. You know how I feel, and I know how you do. The great thing is, it doesn’t matter. You say funny shit with your sharp (and pointy) tongue and wit, and I try and keep up.

    I get stirred up sometimes (by my own nature), but I try to come here to read pointless and funny shit, so let’s keep it that way, eh? 😉

  30. awww…So heartwarming, guys! I’m touched….NO, seriously…who the fuck is touching me?!?! Oh wait, it’s just Sheba, carry on!

  31. I’ll have you know good sir that I have never shivered a timber nor would I ever swaggle.
    My good wench, however…

  32. ^…by which you refer your mother, walks a pretty mean plank. if you know what I mean (penis, I mean penis).
    Nails. I wasn’t proposing a death match, dude 🙁 just some horribly disturbing name-calling and other pointless and fun shit.

  33. haha that’s my quote! happy days, you know you’ve made it when your posts on lamebook!

  34. oh yeah. you fucking made the big times now.

  35. ^Particuarly since, out of 35 comments now, a grand total of 2.5 were actually about the post and I’m including #33 in that total.

    And Nails, I got all excited for a death match.. can’t believe you wimped out.

  36. He didn’t wimp out. He backed down because he knew it would just be a bunch of boring drivel for the rest of us. Fine by me.

    Were any of mine included in that total, Frank?

  37. ^how’s the air up there in your glasshouse house perched on top of your ivory tower, beatus?
    is it free enough from boring drivel for you?

  38. haha wow, I think you little people have anger issues!

  39. ^ Shut up, tard. No one asked you.

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