Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Help the Children

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  1. ^ I hate you. (1)

  2. I fucked an orphan once. It still counts if I’m the one who killed their parents, right?

  3. You’re the one who’s parents named him/her Enid. Just pointing that out.

  4. Fake. (1)

  5. Wow! First time I’ve seen a comment removed before.

  6. Right? I think I was hating that fucktard that keeps screwing up the HTML on these comment sections. Or someone else. But i think it was that.

  7. I am an orphan, but you can keep your handbags, curtains, bric a brac and other unwanted crap thank you very much.

  8. I missed it… What (and whose) was the comment that has been removed?

  9. Oh it was probably a comment that was intelligent and pertained to the OP. I don’t think that’s allowed here from the looks of things?

  10. Bacchante, that halfwit fuck MrImperial or whothefuckever html’d strikeout on the first post….assuming it was that.

  11. So why’d they do it to him and not the other asshole who always does it huh? And you know who that is.

  12. Yeah, I have no idea what you’re talking about, bro. You gotta call people about by name and shit here, but, it’s probably cuz “we” like “him” and all that, and it’s an exception to the “rules”?

  13. I can’t care enough to remember some other twat waffle’s stupid name on here. I would have put twat waffle in quotation marks but you used them all up. Needlessly. Wastefully. And Cuz.

  14. Can’t, or, don’t? There’s a difference, Cap’n needs to know! Can’t tells me you’re just simply incapable, and incompetent. Don’t means you’re capable, but just don’t give a damn. Obv. it’s not the latter because you can tell the difference between the two. Look, I may be pretty well hammered, but I’m not an idiot, create another username, or log in as someone else and fucking amuse me, or fuck off, I’m getting tired, and prob. gonna pass out soon….just cuz…

  15. Capn, has anyone ever told you you’re a chatty mofo when you’ve been drinking?
    You should write some more in your blog.

  16. yeah. he really should. he should spend 25 hours a day on it.

  17. ^agree.. oh and (1)

    I like Enid. I like Enid enough to look past her way old-fashioned name. I would totally do Enid.

    Also, that website doesn’t exist…

  18. ^ Yeah man, angry sex is HOT. Enid’s got it in spades…

  19. ^YEAH mutual anger at the failing educational system sex! Hot Hot Hot!

  20. Yeah, it was that stupid mrimp-something that always strikes through with his awesome HTML skills. I immediately hated him, because that shit screws with my brain. Now it just looks like my comment was first and I hated Enid. But also that.

    And bathsalt up there – I hate you too.

  21. It’s not so much that he does the strikeout, but that he does it every time, and he even strikes out his own comment, which kills the surprise trap for the next person.

    See, I do the strikeout, too, but I do it AFTER my comment. Also, I make sure I don’t do it too often, so that it’s a bit of a surprise when it happens, and a bit laughable rather than simply annoying as hell.

  22. I do believe he challenged you to end it one time, too.

  23. Yes, he did, but once the HTML is broken, it’s broken for good, until the mods come and fix it by erasing the comment.

  24. Whatta life…!

  25. do you really believe that we all just go; “Doh! that beautusmongous, what a prank-loving scallywag?!”.
    no, asshole.
    sometimes we just want to fucking chew on your throat a bit. in fact, I’d say mostly we want you to just fucking stop. it isn’t big and it isn’t clever.

  26. ^ I’m impressed. It took you only 4 days to come up with that.

  27. I drank until I wasn’t angry no more.

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