Monday, July 9, 2012

Where It Counts

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  1. i got poopy. and it was good! – officer doofy

  2. ^good for you.

    Just because this slut likes to slut around with no clothes on doesn’t mean she’s a whore.

  3. Confident, though!

  4. Dawn of the Dan

    “whore” would not auto-correct to “where,” as the “O” is nowhere close to the “E” on the keyboard. Most likely his comment would have read “Who’re!” if autocorrect had truly been involved.

    QED: This is fake.

  5. Correct, Dawn of the Dan.

  6. hootie the blowfish

    Wow Dan, you’re a sharp one. For the rest of us, the fact that whore is a real word and by itself there would be no reason for autocorrect to change anything was plenty of evidence that this was just a joke. Good detective work though.

  7. Y.O.FU.O (You Only Fuck-Up Often)

  8. Hootie, I doubt you are a real blowfish. In other words, you are fake.

  9. That commentator is jealous as shit

  10. Why did she specify “naked?” Is there any other way to tan?

  11. 74 likes and only 13 dislikes? (so far)
    my my lamebooketeers, are we really so desperate?

  12. i just tried to type whore into my android powered acer phone and it auto-corrected to where, so that puts an end to that theory

  13. i didn’t know we could like or dislike this shit.

  14. 12 sounds like you cracked the case of the fake.

  15. Yes, MsAnne, desperate for more of these riveting and provocative posts AND comments!

  16. ^it’s the fucking braindead meme-parrots that do my head in, Nails.
    what special kind of fucked-up stupid does it take to bumble onto a forum, that is regurgitating fifth-hand jokes, and say ‘fake’ like a complete fucking winner – ESPECIALLY after about a half million fuckheads have said exactly the same bullshit before you?

  17. ^ I know that’s right.
    “fake.” “i fucked fake.” “i’m a robot who fucks fake.”

    I don’t even know. I just wanna punch someone in the throat, But alas, sometimes it’s fun making fun of them and hopefully pushing them closer to suicide. At least, one can dream.

    Which, by the way, is the only reason I can bear going into the commonplace of the world’s unclean white trash and ghetto-dwellers – i.e., Wal-Mart. I actually find it amusing in an ironic way. On one hand I am sad for the human race; on the other, it makes me laugh.

  18. Floyd_the_Barber

    I fucked a fake robot while punching it in the throat at Walmart.

  19. I am shocked that no one mentioned that this teen was an attention seeking whore.

    She obviously is single and is ready to mingle if you know what I mean. 😛

  20. Dawn of the Dan

    “For the rest of us, the fact that whore is a real word and by itself there would be no reason for autocorrect to change anything was plenty of evidence that this was just a joke. Good detective work though.”

    My phone doesn’t recognize “whore” and auto-corrects it to “who’re.”
    You have failed by not doing your own detective work first.

  21. Quit being such a who’re, Dan.

  22. Damn autocorrect!

  23. ^ Good one, beatus.
    You dirty, rotten, putrid, poor-ass excuse for a where!

  24. ^ Duck you, too.

  25. If people would learn the difference between autocorrect and predictive text, they’d save at least 4 comments on mind-numbingly dull threads like this one…

  26. Odd you would be at WalmartS with the ghetto dwellers dumbasNails. Says a lot for you.

  27. Oh, fuck off you…if it wasn’t for us poor bastards you wouldn’t be eating out of a crystal glass like that fag in the kitty food commercials.

  28. only retards watch catfood commercials. Retards with retarded cats. And also T1000

  29. Don’t get all jelly ‘n shit bro! You know you’re just eatin’ this shit up!

  30. @26 AssSaltSheba: It’s “about you,” not “for you.” Assclown.
    And I just told you why I go to Walmart, you fucking cum-guzzler – for my amusement.

  31. No no no, it’s “aBOAT you” to Sheba.

  32. Maybe where you live, Nails, it’s “about you.” I have a feeling that you think everything IS about you. And I don’t care why the hell you go to that turdsucking infestation of a cess hole. The fact is you went there. No one needs to say anymore because that says it all for you.

  33. Thanks for the boldy. You know who i mean

  34. Anymore.

  35. I know who you mean, and you’re welcome. It’s lovely.

  36. *the throat, But alas, sometimes
    I’ll forgive your accidental capital if you’ll forgive a sticky spacebar. I won’t do it anymore. Wait I lied because i don’t give a shit notwhatsonever

  37. ^clearly that was your motto throughout your entire schooling.
    It shows because you cannot fucking communicate effectively.

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