Wednesday, August 10, 2011


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  1. vaginalroundhouse

    Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a first.

  2. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I wondered about this; is there a way to post animated gifs in Facebook albums?

  3. this thing i saw quite a few years back…kinda looks lame when posted like that…valuable waste of newsfeed space.

  4. @sababe but it is a funny way to laugh at the collapse of civilised society in england.

  5. There was a civilized society in england?!

  6. @krisfehr13 yes there was

  7. Could be worse – could live in america

  8. @krisfehr ROFL! LMAO!

  9. Sorry, I’m still in awe of that limey zing, god krisfehr, you are a card and a half.

  10. Oh how true, sibiza. There are currently no amusing massive riots and utterly hilarious uncontrolled civil unrest in America. Fancy that. Though, should our honorable Pres and Congress continue on the same tack as our sophisticated elders across the pond, I’m sure we’ll catch up soon enough! Then it will be fun, fun, fun!

    Though probably not in my neighborhood. We quite love our firearms where I live. The silly criminals know it and don’t really put on the same shenanigans that keep us all so entertained. What a shame!

  11. Ah, I was wondering when mention of this would pop up on here. My news feed has been inundated with ‘jokes’ regarding the rioting … Most of which are even too lame to appear on this site. I did have a titter at this gif. when I saw it though, seagulls make far more amusing looters than British yobbos.

  12. slagathachristie

    I created a lamebook account just to alert people to this heinous fraud. I come from a smallish city in Scotland, where this looting seagull also comes from. At the time, it caused so much hilarity it even made it onto the local news. This is pretty much as bad as looting gets here, that seagull is showing more balls than the idiots down south.

  13. Slagatha it could possibly be another looting seagull? They’re all pricks! Though I too remember the seagull being on the news, and the reporter asking the seagull for a comment. Made my fucking day!

  14. slagathachristie

    Unless cheese flavoured Doritos are a favourite among the seagull community I’d bet money that’s the same one. I hope against hope it’s not another one! If the birds got smart we’d all be fucked, they just manage on sheer cheek just now I think. It was a pretty good report, I think a scout on YouTube is in order!

  15. I feel i have to defend this post, afterall it is mine. (and no, i’m not retarded enough to submit myself. i have alot of facebook friends, mainly ones for a few facebook games but still…)

    First off, i’m all out of give a fuck today to care where and when the seagull was captured stealing a bag of crisps. i saw this on a friends wall, after they shared it from a group (Sinet something or other), i then went to said group, and shared it myself. it’s a .GIF btw… hence the 4 parts.

    Secondly, Living quite close to London, it’s good to have a little humour, especially when faced with hundreds of yobs burning everything they see. it’s quite obvious this little guy isn’t looting a bag of food because he’s rebelling the police force. fuck sake.

    And thirdly… It’s a .GIF of a seagul stealing a bag of crisps from a shop. IT’S HILARIOUS. FUCKING LAUGH!! 🙂

    that will be all 🙂 x

  16. p.s if anyone wants to check out the actual .GIF. my facebook name is ”Rachael Bubs Exton” and i posted it yesterday. go be nosey twats 🙂

  17. What a load of shit. And here’s why:

    1. This seagull is a resident of a smallish city in Scotland.
    2. It’s stealing a bag of crisps, not a 52″ LCD television.
    3. It doesn’t care about the government.

    (Oh, and in Scotland they don’t burn their own communities down.)

    So, to sum up, all of the humorous likenesses you have tried to draw between this seagull and the situation in England are pointless.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mister Lamacus.

  18. haha ”this seagull is a resident of a smallish city in Scotland” … you say that like it pays taxes…

    it’s meant to be humourous. failed or not.

    oooh would you look at that. my give a fuck just ran out again 🙁

  19. Jesus Christ reah88, want to wash that sand out of your vagina? Before you get all ants-in-your-pants and ‘run out of give a fuck’, and needlessly tell us that ‘that is all’, I think you should take a deep breath and calm down. I can’t speak for anyone else, but the Scottish city in question is weirdly proud of that footage, and I wouldn’t have felt like a normal citizen seeing it without making mention of our wee hero. I wasn’t attacking your post, I actually do find the clip funny.
    This is the Internet, you can’t post anything without expecting criticism from someone, so calm doon.

  20. Quite close to London? Darling you live in KENT, a good 90 minutes drive from London. Don’t make me laugh.

  21. The phrase ‘yobbo’ makes me sad. I always imagine the person saying it to be smoking a pipe, checking his stock in the FT and using hand gel after he shakes somebody’s hand.

  22. Aberdeen seagull rules.

  23. Aberdeen seagulls are the size of small/medium dogs. They know that they are in charge and exploit their position in society by shiteing on you and nicking your chips

  24. Huh?

  25. This is the funniest video I’ve seen concerning the riots. This man is just out of control.

    www .

  26. You think Scotland was setting a better example than England during the riots? Think again.

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