Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Perfect Poetry

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  2. Does dry humping in a thong really equate to having done it? And CourtKnee is an I D I O T. Wow, that’s annoying as hell.

  3. Dawn of the Dan

    I just want to say I don’t like Courtney at all.

    Oh one last thing…

  4. Levi sure has an A in rhyme.

  5. “is driving me to the past the point” of the no return of the brain fuck..

  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I read none of these posts.

  7. First was okay, second was terrible

  8. Christopher Reeves

  9. wow courtknee, just wow…

  10. I dont no COURTKNEE
    but I been wit her cuz C O U R T E L B O W
    an she smoke LOUD WEED
    an her thang be SHAVED 2

  11. @throwingtofu

    and don’t forget,

  12. Nah troll I think it’s just pe@zzOUT…. or something like that.

    What was the name of that one chick whose profile is wide open? Fat black chick from Philly (or perhaps none of the above, but masquerading as all of the above)? Anyone remember? It was only a couple months ago.

  13. Poetry – When it’s well written, it is barely interesting, when it is as bastardized as these two offerings, my brain melts.

    To shave or not to shave your ‘thang’ gents? Heard it makes your todger look bigger……

  14. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @Keona, what is up with you? Normally you’re posting 5 to 10 times per topic, I always like reading your comments and I also noticed that your comments are way shorter then normal and lack their usual humor.

    Which leads me to the following question, are you really Keona?

  15. Oh heavens no!More “Steveeer, Steveer, Reveets or whatever” insanity …since when has originality become extinct?

  16. @throwingtofu- That is facebook worthy poetry at it’s best. Nicely done!

    @Paranoid- I’m not certain if it would make your todger look bigger. I would need to see the before and after looks to compare.

  17. I wish a man would compose something even half as beautiful as that for me.

  18. she lost me at CourtKnee

  19. I haven’t heard “Todger” for years, since I was living in England the first time.

    Heartbroken, you’re-a-bitch poetry always works as a great emetic for me. Nice work, Levi!

  20. i can’t believe she didn’t tell us what kind of a razor she uses.

  21. and i hope someone called the popo on that one dude that is suicidal over dry humping.

  22. @14 Well, I’ll admit, I was an unemployed, not in school bum before. We’re struggling with money, so I’ve been hard at work, looking for work. I try not to comment if I’m having a mood issue….because obviously, I talk out of my ass then. (that explains why some of my shit makes sense, and some is out there)

    I’m hoping to get another nursing job. I heard a girl made about $3k a month doing home care. If I could even get half of that a month, it would be ideal.

    I’m the real Keona, life has just gotten in the way.

  23. LOL the first one takes it a step further and makes it a song. That’s great. ‘Best tell your boy before I write another song how you dry humped me in your thong’. It’s got good flow. :$

  24. For the first one , I would’ve wrote “girl, you better start actin’ like you got class or I’ll tell your boy I stuck it in your ass”

  25. @throwingtofu,

    Are you referring to Jantelle Westphilly?

  26. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @22 I hope you’ll find a job soon! Keep commenting, bad mood or not. Oh and say fuck you to all the haters, I know you’re not a 15 year old and your link is one of the best cooking timers I ever used.

  27. I have no words for those posts. Except fuck. Lots and lots of fucks.

    PA … leave it be!

  28. CourtKnee can’t even spell her name right. Neither can

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