Monday, October 10, 2011

Killing Nemo

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  1. Poor thing. now he will never be first on a comment feed!

  2. What a fucktard. People like that should not have pets in the first place.

  3. ….It should be painful to be that stupid.

  4. It’s not all sad: he’ll make a tasty snack for a passing owl or fox.

  5. Hamsters are the worst pets in the world. They bite, and they don’t care if that is the hand that feeds them. They smell terrible, even if you clean their cages twice a day. They have thousands of babies every month, even when they are kept alone (I think they’re like gremlins and multiply when they get wet). Their only goal in life is to escape out of their cages and build new homes in your sock drawer, where they chew all of your socks and bite your fingers when you try to get socks out of your drawer.

    Honestly, I think Nemo will be fine.

  6. If your hamster is having babies when they are kept alone…you’re doing it wrong.

  7. I on the other hand disagree about hamsters not being able to live in the wild. When I was a kid we had a hamster escape his cage after our dog dumped it over and he was a little houdini. He tripped every trap we left him, but escaped with all of the food. He left little traces of himself all around the upstairs, but no sign of him anywhere. He was gone for 3 months before we found him deep in the depths of a closet with a huge stockpile of food and ripped up carpet turned into a little cotton bed.

    That was a crafty little devil. Props to him.

  8. Raylay89, I don’t think living in your house is quite the same as “living in the wild” unless you also have snakes and hawks and rain and cold and some racoons and shit like that in your house.

    That said, hamsters are best when approached as “small cuy.”

  9. Hope the little guy isn’t suffering.

  10. Hamsters are retarded. They look cute but other than that they just bite you and shit everywhere and eat their own babies. My old room mate had two of them, and one got stuck in a pipe and the other ate it’s face off.

  11. Chucho – outside of their little hamster cage is the wild =o

  12. I work with hamsters on a regular basis, and have handled and owned them for years. They are only mean if you don’t socialize them, and they only bite if you scare the crap out of them. Babies obviously will not happen if you separate them properly and only the females smell when they are going through their heat cycle.

  13. Gross! Who wants to smell the heat?

  14. Nemo just decided to move on. He’d taught her as much as he could and his work was done.

  15. Well Lemmiwinks survived in a far-worse environment.

  16. Raylay89–Fair enough. From now on I am going to call my sock drawer “the wild.” I am going to fold laundry and put it in the wild.

  17. I had a couple hamsters when I was a kid and they were pretty good at turning the house into ‘the wild’. Once I was on the couch watching tv and it started raining. I looked up and saw that Fudge had climbed the curtain and was peeing on my head. True story.

  18. I’m suprised LiLi didn’t eat Nemo, the fat fuck.

  19. i really hope this is fake 🙁
    PETA will find her.

  20. PeTA is too busy murdering puppies to give a shit.

  21. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    … also buying red paint and ad space for naked celebrities instead of using that money to help animals, because the publicity is more important.

  22. Hamsters are not solely domestic animals; they do live in the wild. That said, I’m not sure how much of their survival in the wild is down to instinct, and how much is learned from experience. But given how crafty they are when they escape their cages (and by nature they are masters at escaping!) I think Nemo will survive as well as a wild hamster would.

    Also, hamsters do not bite if they are handled from a young age and treated with care. I had a hamster that was very well trained; I would put my hand flat into his cage and he would come straight to it and hop on so I could lift him out. Not once in the four years of his life did he bite me, and I don’t recall him biting anyone else either.

  23. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    High five CHUCHO. Comment 16 made me lol out loud.

  24. LOL @ 16.

  25. Ugh. -_-‘ I hope she doesn’t have children.

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