Monday, February 27, 2012

You Pic’d It

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  1. The Village Idiot

    Is that a 9 year old kid in the last post or is that chick so skinny, that she’s got a figure of a 9 year old child? I hope it’s the second one.

  2. I get that there’s an ass in the back of the third one, but am I the only one who thinks the creepy thing is that he’s probably got 20 years on her?

  3. 20 years and like 3 feet

  4. did angelina jolie used to do some strange thing where she climbed inside a refrigerator?
    No, she didn’t.
    So, someone tell that chocolate mongtard donut up there that not everyone’s life revolves around food.

  5. …and while you’re about it – tell the useless fucking slug to clean up his ghetto kitchen.

  6. @MsAnneThrope: SOMEONE needs to get laid *cough*YOU*cough*

  7. ^that makes no sense. but you sound like you have lung cancer.

  8. Lol, Kid Cakedemon should be less concerned with how little time Ms. Jolie spends in a kitchen and more concerned with how *much* time he spends there. Fat, sexist, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

  9. Mutants do not age well.

  10. I don’t get any part of the first one.

  11. Pretty gay rims….and lingo

  12. I just want to know in what universe does a pencil pushin geek like him get ass like that?!!
    Have you noticed his shoes?…uhgg!!!

  13. don’t be angry check out

  14. I’m not angry just sayin

  15. so, what you’re saying here turtlehead, is that pretty scarf she’s wearing is to hide her huge block-like adam’s apple?

  16. White dudes don’t age well, but they have something that helps them get the beauties when they’re old and decrepid. It’s called money.

  17. crane, Angelina was flashing her right leg at the Oscars last night. For some reason, it caused a big kerfuffle. She did look bloody hot, though.

    Dude looks like Guy Sebastian circa his Australian Idol days, albeit a slightly darker and chubbier version. But still, he does.

  18. ..and now i hate him even more.

  19. You know damn well that is a bank envelope peeking out of his pocket. Those pants and the pumped up kicks are hawt. I’m embarrassed for both of them.

  20. Numero Uno: I thought Willy was free now?

    Numero Dos: This is not the first time Sean has admired a guy’s rim from afar.

    Numero Tres: What a fucking arsehole.. oh and look, a guy mooning in the background too!

  21. yo yo yo, why ymutt be postin pics of his baby mama?

  22. I think the 1st pic meant Angelina is anorexic meaning she hasn’t seen the inside of a fridge in a while…

  23. It is a joke. Pull your panties out of your crotch.

  24. @MsAnneThrope
    your comments that include
    chocolate mongtard donut and useless fucking slug
    are awful. I hope that you get some help with what ever happened to you that makes you lash out so terribly at others.

  25. MsAnne, I hope that you never seek help for the darkness inside you.
    To me you are perfect.

  26. @MsAnneThrope was probably bullied in school

  27. ^was probably a bully in school, you fucking retard.

  28. that’s why you’re being a douche on a humor site? k.

  29. ^ what do you suppose that YOU are being, little miss I live-in-a-glasshouse?

  30. The Jolie leg is funny. That is all.

  31. funny to who? another obese, slobby mong?

  32. Well we can’t all be perfect like you.

  33. no. so you should probably just shut the fuck up and stop making a damn scene.

  34. you ARE the scene. tosser.

  35. and you complete me. you must be so proud.
    C’s 1 through 6 must be spewing with jelly.

  36. ooOOoo, MsAnne.. i love it when you talk dirty.. slugs, shards, slobs, mongs, cancers.. i think u need a good fucking.. in ur anous! So do I.. take me now! <3

  37. Ooh, nice birds, those anouses. My favourites are the brown noddies. I get the feeling that you’re a lesser noddy though.

  38. why the hell would you want to have sex with a seabird? Are you white?

  39. brown noddies are my favourite too.. is that what u wanted to hear, for you to believe i give a fuck about what you think??! i’ve got a thermos full of boiling sugar water for ugly, slimy little fucks like you!! dont mind him MsAnne.. i hav my quirks, you aren’t judging are u?

  40. stfu, idiot.

  41. Not really that funny at all?? I don’t even understand why it would be funny (guy proposing?)

  42. Um… ScroogeMcduck, the man in the back ground… his butt is hanging out of his pants.

  43. Had to read the comments to find the ass. Was wondering what was supposed to funny in the third pic.

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