Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Background Checks

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  1. 1: is gross. I seriously hope the photographer called that guy out upon the inevitable ‘lemme see!’ after it was taken.

    2: hilarious! Neither guy nor the girl making out w/ the grabber is upset by this man-man ass grab – ha!

    3: This would be disturbing if there wasn’t a crib in the b/g… ew.

    4: You know she feels the breeze on those cheeks!!! She wants the world to see that lacy ass.

    5: I think the bride invited everyone she knew who outweighed her so she could still feel like the belle of the ball. The boob grab is just so out there! Maybe they’re fake and he’s givin’ ’em a test to see how real they feel.

  2. There’s no boob grab in the last one, it’s the dress, are you blind?

    No 2 should not even be here, it’s the lamest of the lamest. Nothing bad happening there.

  3. fuck #3
    lamebook always puts pics up like that
    girls to young to have babies and showing how immature they really are
    its really not funny, just sad that all these wanna be gangsta girls who think theyre sooo cool r still reproducing
    i hate that shit

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