Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just a Few Quickies

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  1. LOL at #4! That is hilarious!

  2. Does Brian mean anal? Or just a hard mattress?

  3. I’ve wanked over personality.

  4. OK, I have to ask: what does SMH mean? Smack my head? Suck my horse? Steal my heart?

  5. Eruption of Nothing

    I am amazed the first one is a girl, don’t often see/hear girls using the term ‘wank’, or am I misplaced in that belief?

  6. Eruption of Nothing

    Small Meat Hill
    Semi Malicious Harlot
    Spacious Mental Hospital
    Spread Male Here
    String Malevolent Heart

  7. i think alayna’s comment has been shopped…half of the letters are way close, and then some have red in them…

  8. @Christine – it means “suck my horse” but some weirdos use it for “shaking my head” I think

  9. @southerngirl, I agree, something is fishy. it could just be alayna.

  10. I can only conclude that Alayna is talking about a sledding incident?

  11. Eruption of Nothing

    Also I think the fact that Toi refers to her dog as ‘Her precious little bundle of love’ and is distressed at the tainting of her build-a-bear means that she’s either a very lonely woman, or a 12 year old girl.

  12. Nah Alayna prolly went to Brian’s cabin to try out snowboarding and she sucked at it so she kept falling a her butt hurts now.

    It just looks uneven with letters close together and whatnot because the screenshot was resized.

  13. Yeah, guessing Alayna’s soreness is due to riding down the slope more on it than either her skis or snowboard… or from a lot of sledding or snowmobiling. Nothing really lame IMO, except the person that submitted it.

  14. Imagination people. In my mind the soreness is from Brian working that shit like a drill press. But he’s got a really bony pelvis you know, so when he’s banging away like an epileptic monkey, he’s just bruising the hell out of her ass. Sure, this interpretation doesn’t explain how things would work next time with the pillow, but I’m confident that Brian has a plan.

  15. @11:

    I’d probably call my dog a “precious little bundle of love” in this situation, too. I mean, what else is all over that teddy bear?

  16. I wonder how a butt soars.

  17. I’m with Soup on this one – bum sex.

  18. The first one is from a facebook group – people see that 20,000 people agree and feel more comfortable publishing an outlandish statement.

  19. @ eruption of nothing, Semi Malicious Harlot made me laugh more than the whole lamebook post, touché

  20. alayna thing at first made me think ‘anal sex till the “US” so maybe like a 3-some thing???
    the snowboarding thing does sound a lot more viable tho!

  21. @ soup, if you can’t figure out what the pillow is for then it is YOU who needs to use your imagination.

    You description of Brian’s ass carnage made me creamy, BTW.

  22. Actually the first one is a joke on Sickipedia.

  23. Oh, but I do love C.O.D. with my sexx. Nothing gets me hotter than completed missions…

  24. @Soup – Brian can use one of those horseshoe-shaped travel pillow for ‘the next time’….

  25. OMG @ 14 and fairlyodd’s use of “creamy.”

  26. I’ve shagged on a washing machine before and I can definitely say a pillow would’ve been handy, I had bruises on my arse n back for days!

  27. Luke got lucky.

  28. LMAO @ Toi

  29. LOL @ Nguyen.
    that’s the first thing I’ve seen here today that really made me laugh.

  30. Actually, I don’t get the one with the last name talk.

  31. @Bone

    The name Nguyen is pronounced in English as “Win”.
    So it’s assumed that it’s a very odd and difficult name to spell when “Win” doesn’t even show up in “Nguyen”.

  32. Sometimes Nguyen is pronounced n-YOU-en though.

    Am I the only one who thinks Autumn wasn’t laid by Luke? Sounds like he let her use his room, then taught her to play C.O.D.
    Luke knows how to barter!

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