Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WINSday (part 1)

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  1. Eruption of Nothing

    There is nothing wrong with using sex to get what you want from men.
    We deserve to run around doing whatever we’re asked if we’re stupid enough to do it simply because our brain lost the vote deciding if it is a fair trade off to do it in exchange for the promised (or implied, or believed, or made up in their head due to the large breasts which seem to be the only objects in the vicinity) gratification.

  2. @southerngirl

    There’s nothing wrong with offering enticements or rewards. But when you claim a certain gender role is sexist, then turn around and say your husband gets rewarded for doing what should already be expected in a 50/50 partnership, it kind of refutes your position. More than likely, it’s just my interpreting your words as opposed to your intent.

    And I am a jerk, it’s one of my most endearing qualities.

  3. @mcowles

    No no, dear, I said f.t.LOSE. I’m not a f*cking princess, nor would I ever expect anyone to treat me as such.
    I meant that your post made me want to give you a hug.

  4. @ soup, sorry if i got too hot-headed…sometimes i need to chill the f*** out, lol. but i was simply referring to the type of men that create all these “women should be in the kitchen” jokes and fan pages, i wasn’t referring to ALL men. and i was also talking about the times when my husband goes beyond the 50/50 and voluntarily does extra, then i will be more than happy to reward him (and vice versa 🙂 but i felt like you were saying that i ONLY do that when he gives me what i want, and that is definitely not what i was saying.

  5. Lapis Lazuli Long

    Making sure everything is split 50/50 is sure to cause problems. Who’s going to keep track of who did what? And what is it’s not possible? In my relationship, I make more money. So I pay for the important things (rent, bills, food) and he pays for fun things. And we go to a lot of shows and drink a lot. I do most of the female duties (cause I’m better at them) but that just makes me more thankful and impressed when he chooses to do laundry or the dishes. I do miss setting up electronics but apparently that’s a mans job and I can’t touch.

  6. @lapis, i don’t take 50/50 too literal and keep up with all that. all of our money goes into the same account and we pay all bills and everything 50/50, and date nights and fun stuff are taken out of the same account as well. as for house stuff if he mows the yard then i might wash the cars, if i cook he might do the dishes, if i do laundry he might hang/fold it. that’s what i meant. and as for the electronics that is all ME because i’m the only one who knows how to hook up the ps3, xbox 360, satellite, flatscreen, and make it all work :):):)

  7. @southerngirl

    This is why I generally avoid real topics and try to stick with crude, offensive, fairly obvious references to bodily fluids and functions. Like Dad always said, my mouth is like my Mother’s vagina: it’s just a hole that disappointments come out of.

  8. Hey DayswithDave, I remember a while ago dcrearview called me both gay and Frodo.
    I thought it was funny considering I’m a straight female who absolutely loves men.
    As for being Frodo, well I guess I’m semi Frodo. I did have a pool, but the ex got it in the settlement, and he’s fucking welcome to it. Too much work, I never wanted a pool in the first place.

  9. lmao @ soup 🙂 and i usually don’t even comment on this site, but i did today and then ended up having a full conversation on here, lol. i’ve gotta get off here and get some work done before 5!!!

  10. @dawnstar

    I figured that… I meant more if someone is a princess, just admit it… not you.

    I can tell you’re far from a princess (in a good/dirty way), haha.

  11. Hahaha, mcowles

    Again, your investigative skills are spot on. I’m more like a Duke….a kick-ass Duke.

    (yes, that was an obscure reference. If anybody gets it, they win twelve awesome points)

  12. Daisy Duke?

  13. oooh, fail.

  14. The only kick-ass Duke I know is Duke Nukem. Just sayin’.

  15. Duke Howlett?

  16. jb? kg?
    tenacious d?
    ‘city hall’

    …i guess it was just too obscure.

  17. Jack Black and Kenny G
    Together, we are Tenacious D!

    Do you still love me dawn? Even with missing that obviously obscure reference?

  18. ahh, mcowles

    A love this pure could never be marred by one missed reference!
    (Although, I’m really hoping that Kenny G statement was a joke….)


    “….and I’m all out of bubblegum”

  19. “these sexist men nowadays are so gay”

    …so they’re hiding latent homosexual tendencies by asserting excessive dominance over women? Never heard that theory before, but it does make sense.

  20. Oh, a joke about how women should be in the kitchen, that’s definitely a win. Damn original, to boot.

  21. Hot sauce on the GudGud? Her boyfriend is a politician in the making if he could con her into that one. Ha.

    Roddy Piper in ‘They Live’ said, “I’m here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of bubble gum.” I don’t think his name in the movie was Duke. John Wayne was pretty kick ass. And Frank Dux (Dukes), who the movie “Bloodsport” was written about.

    I got a woman/kitchen joke.

    Why did the woman cross the road?

    Who cares. Why is she out of the kitchen, and where’d she get those shoes?

  22. Yes, as everyone has pointed out, #1 is from TFLN – but also, that text was verified fake. SO FUCKING FAKE! Not only who would put hot sauce on their pussy, but say at school, ‘hot sauce on my pussy was a bad idea!’

  23. First one may be fake on both accounts, but we can’t rule out the possibility. Many of the most foolish ideas in the world start with the question of “what if?”, which then quickly becomes “what was I smoking?!” Curiosity peaks, and we hear about it on the evening news. Not to mention that common sense is probably just waiting for someone to put it out of its misery by now.

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