Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Capitroll Letters

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  1. I don’t really get it.

  2. what an asshat

  3. Almost all cellphones do that- the trick is knowing how to turn that setting off. It’s not that big a deal, Mike’s just a dick.

    But then, that’s Kamloops people for ya.

  4. That’s quite funny to be fair. Just because Joseph gets really annoyed and Mike clearly couldn’t really give a toss. Joseph should have just not cared also.

  5. Can’t say that I have ever seen a cell-phone that did that as a default setting. That was more teasing than trolling. Joseph seems a little uptight.

  6. I like that he was using his trolling abilities for good, to weed out douchebags for his roomate-seeking friend.

    And Jameszz you can gofuckyourself.

  7. People who capitalize each letter PISS ME OFF. I would rather not see any capitalization at all. And you know it took them ages to shift type space, shift type space.
    I have never known a phone to do this.
    Although it always make me smile just because they must think 99% of people are wrong!

    Yes Jameszz you are so cool, now let me go visit that website… I’ll be right back.

  8. Joseph said himself that the capital letters were due to his cellphone, which was obviously on the ‘Abc’ setting (versus the ‘abc’ or ‘ABC’ settings). I used to have a cellphone that had that setting as default, and it was a pain in the ass. I spent a good week sending texts that looked like that until I figured out what the problem was (it was my first cellphone).

    I think he took Mike’s douchitude a little too seriously, though.

  9. Is it that easy?

  10. Someone I used to talk with on occasion had a phone that capitalized every word. I think some old Samsung models automatically do that.

  11. iseeweirdpeople

    Back when I had a flip phone, there were several text settings, ABC, abc, Abc, and such…so it does exist. If he’s competent enough to use Facebook mobile he should be competent enough to change the text setting.

  12. Mike was funny. I would friend him.

  13. Joseph reminds me of my friend Kirk. He goes from annoyed to knife wielding psycho in 5 seconds. He probably lick his fingers after he touches his dick.

  14. I don’t think Joseph knows what a full time job is.

  15. Meh, thought this was kind of lame.
    Joe was obviously out on a limb asking to move in w/ a girl…and Mike just seems like a curmudgeon. It might just be me, but I get annoyed when twits like Mike have to shoulder into a conversation like that…but alas that is just the way it is these days, what with zero privacy and scrutiny/judgement lurking in every social pitfall.

  16. That said, I’m looking for a roommate. 3bed/2bath, and looking to get the one bedroom downstairs rented out. Northern Kentucky, in the Greater Cincinnati area. Anyone?

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