Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More and More PROblems

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  1. ben, or whatever.
    that last one scared me. she sounds thick as pig shit.

  2. Michael is a girls’ name?

    Princess Michael of Kent, is that you?

  3. …..Suvanah???

  4. I was going to say whoever is going to marry the last one should run…. then I read the part about getting rid of their ex’s stuff and now all I can say is wow, omg crazy crazy people.
    P.S. Please don’t move next to me.

  5. You think the last one’s crazy? What about Jana?

  6. sarahmargeurite

    Why’d Jana start talking crazy? And who else thinks that last girl actually started the fire herself?

  7. I kinda skimmed over the last one so I guess I missed something but… I don’t see anything wrong with it?

    The first one though… 😐

  8. I don’t get the second one

  9. Lamebook makes me feel better about myself!

    Jana needs more prescription meds, and she should probably share with little miss firestarter

  10. @ sparklenight

    I had a best friend in grade school who was a girl named Michael. 🙂

  11. Jana needs to up the dosage.

  12. The second one is stuuuuupid.

    And holy shit Jana….O.o

  13. So much crazy in one post!!
    I don’t know if I lol’d more at the blatant status hijacking or the creepy woman who swings between happy happy fairytale land and casual arson!
    She reminds me of a guy on my FB whose “About Me” is all about how much he’s changed and how he doesn’t take as many drugs etc etc bla bla bla.
    If you really have changed your interests and habits, why bother to mention it? Why not talk about what you’re doing now?
    Oh yeah, that’s right – getting happily married after all your exes baggage has been burnt 😛

  14. I:haven’tdoneanythingforthelasttenmonthsorso,butit’scool,sofar

  15. I agree with you, Hobo, in that I don’t see anything too wrong with the last one. The “du du du…”, I’m guessing, is sung to the tune of “here comes the bride”?

    The first one, though, is :O

  16. I can relate with the last one. My girlfriend’s divorce should be finalized by the end of the year and I had a great day today except for the part when my house burned down.

  17. Crazy started the fire

    Seriously, we’re supposed to believe the crazy from the last thing, is ‘mature’ for her age? *cough Even if she’s like 21 she in no way sounds the least bit mature. A teen pregnancy and getting hitched in your twenties does not a mature person make.

  18. … Lea… I’m pretty sure it’s completely normal and not in any way immature to get married in your twenties.

  19. Is Jana demonstrating why she needs to be on Adderall?

  20. Maybe it’s just me, but it really bothers me when people call the people they are not married to their husbands, and their FUTURE husband’s kids their stepkids… I’m just one of those people who thinks things can change in the blink of an eye. . . And if I were James I would definitely be re-considering marrying that batshit crazy broad.

  21. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    1st one- Thank you Bryce for summing it all up quite nicely.

    2nd one- Well I’m sure she’s as much fun as she sounds, being the “party of the crowd” and all.

  22. haha these were great!
    Such a complete departure from needing Adderall. Which by the way is for ADD not for dealing with your abusive boyfriend. Sorry Jana, there’s no pill for that.

    As for number two. cut her some slack, she’s just trying to look on the bright side of things! What with being a recovering pyromaniac alcoholic wife stealing hoe bag and ‘n all.

  23. Maybe James is Jana’s ex-boyfriend. You never know.

  24. @ Nix, I never said getting married in your twenties was immature, just that there wasn’t really a correlation between the two. Just because someone gets married or has a child doesn’t automatically make them mature.

  25. …Galvestine? Really?!

  26. Nice blatant status hi-jacking so you can talk shit about your ex!
    as for the second one, ‘…except for the house burning down but that was just to show us how strong we are and get rid of both of our exs.’ Not sounding like a convenient fire???

  27. I want my dick to burp too..That would totally own anybody at a queefing contest..

  28. She’s so gullible that when someone told her ‘gullible’ was spelt with an ‘a’ she believed them.

  29. @Blastard – I would pay to see that, seriously.

  30. bollywood_rocks83

    Is it sad that on reading the last one, I figured out she was singing ‘here comes the bride’? I have issues. As for Jana, am I the only worried that her boyfriend engaged in cry-fests with her?

    Maybe James was the one that set the fire? So there’ll be nothing to fight over in divorce court? I know a guy who let the house go into foreclosure because the ex-wife wanted it.

  31. I tried to get my dick to burp my patting its back, but it just spit up instead.

  32. MsBuzzkillington

    hahahaha oh man… oh Jana. Oh yes, prescription drugs.. we’ve all been there lol. Speaking of prescription drugs, let me tell you about my abusive boyfriend. lolololol

  33. Lol… I dont understand where that story came from with the adderall. Sounds like a friend of mine. She’ll bring up stories like that out of nowhere..

    -God’s investment in you was so great, he could never abandon you.-

  34. christopherlovet

    Yeah the last one mentions that she’s “mature for her age” and then admits to living in a fantasy world and then spells out exactly what she means by that.

    Jana’s story made me lol out loud. “Oh and speaking of prescription drugs, I’M CRAZY!”

  35. lol Jana’s a loser.

  36. I like how Jana says there are so many things in the relationship that she feels NO NEED to speak about… right after her extensive, multiple-paragraph/comment story about it.

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