Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Sexual Network




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  1. mental note. don’t eat at their house

  2. I’ll bet Faye’s pasta is *delicious*

  3. hmm… electrical whisk… never considered it…

  4. I would let Faye cook dinner if only I could watch….her cook dinner, of course.

  5. insert clever name here

    @ Lulz
    whisking your bean?

  6. Thanks for alerting me to the plan b fan page, I became a fan straight away. Not that I am a fan of unprotected sex, but when you go at it hard enough sometimes the rubber breaks. You know how it is.

  7. Note: All the comments on the original posts are from guys Named “Christopher”… “What is in a name”

  8. @DACRACKAKILLA isn’t ignorance bliss

  9. And cue Dan Fargis….

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