Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Old Fashioned Way

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  1. Christ allfuckingmighty, Lamebook.

  2. This post doesnt even deserve to be ben’d.

  3. Just lame

  4. Myspace?

  5. Well that sucked.. Hopefully holly is one of the people I saw slip on the ice today.. And I would say Jason could go get fucked but that’s obviouslynever going to happen.

  6. LMFAO @4.

    I really think these kinds of posts would be funny if different friend commented individually.

  7. Wow, text so small. Hard to read.

    I lost it after a couple posts. I guess these are one of those things you have to be a part of to actually think it’s funny. Just reading it, is boring.

    Also, remember when myspace was around and so was facebook and hardly anyone had a facebook? Remember back when facebook was for college students ONLY? I never, ever liked facebook and I still don’t. Myspace was what made facebook so popular.

  8. On Lamebook after we make this fake status thread?

  9. You guys sure do complain a lot. Lighten up

  10. @9
    I NEVER complain you annoying DOUCHE! I was just looking at these crappy jokes and they made me mad because of how much work I have to do!Not to mention my ankle has been sore all day! I got a headache yesterday and it’s really disrupted my groove and Now I HAVE to write this comment to tell you how I NEVER COMPLAIN. Now I have to get back to all the stupid, annoying things I have to do everyday.

  11. Also, I hate you buzzkillington

  12. .. you should probably pet him for a while first.

  13. MachineGun Monica

    I’m sorry, but that was funny. You guys need to lighten up!

  14. Monica, Jeffrey; you’re absolutely right.

    This is funny for what it is. Sorry the characters can’t jump out onto the screen and perform slapstick for ya! Develop a sense of humour =D

  15. This kind of long, multi-participant comment thread is only really funny when there is a really filthy or incorrect subject to comment about. “Old school communication” = lame. Testicles, racism, pedophiles = game on.

  16. I’m an old fashioned gent too, I like to communicate with my cream drains in the time honoured tradition of beating them about the head and shoulders with a paddle…

    One slap for yes, two for no and three for ‘all the way down and no using hands’.

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