Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hard Times

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  1. that man needs fluids asap

  2. Oh to be 19 again…

  3. I wonder has whitney ever heard of a blue waffle

  4. conor….
    whats a blue waffle?

    what guy seriously complains about getting sex too much in a relationship???

  5. Amen Cherry Cola, amen…

  6. Oh please not the blue waffle conversation again. Adam should take it while it’s on the plate! When they get married he’ll have to go begging.

  7. Sexy: google it and report back

  8. slicingupeyeballs

    I think everyone is assuming some slim hotty – she could just be 19 and be really ugly, or fat, which would make it hard for anyone to root her…

  9. i was thinking Blonde, big boobs, short demin hotpants and a tight low cut vest top

  10. I’d like to know how old Adam is if he’s so concerned about his hip and heart…

    eyeballs, he’s rooting her four times a day, so I don’t think that scenario applies here. She’s only 19, so maybe she’s just discovered sex (I’m a romantic). Maybe she had her first orgasm with this dude, so it’s still got novelty value. She’ll get over it, and then he’ll be the one bitching. Either that, or she’s a raving sex machine. They’re a rare commodity, but they’re out there.

  11. I’m just wondering how old Adam is to make jokes about getting a heart attack and a broken hip!!

    I agree, curly. It’s not often old farts can get it four times a day…let a alone from a 19y old, whether she’s unattractive.

  12. OMG word….!! We pretty much said the same thing…

  13. Great minds, Cherry, great minds.

  14. “The spirit is willing, but the flesh spongy and bruised.”

  15. Sexy, I was the last one to ask what a blue waffle was. DO NOT google that shit. Though, this lot was precious enough to link me a pic. Poor life decision for me to click on it. Just go to and look it up. I sweat I feel like I hand out that bit of advice at least once a week on here…

  16. Thought I had to know what the blue waffle looked like. Worst decision of my life. Well, second worst. First was to watch The Love Guru in the theater…

  17. Is this blue waffle SFW???

  18. Cherry, I think so. What are you guys talkin’ about? I googled “blue waffle”, and it doesn’t look that bad at all! I’d eat it…

  19. Well, it’s many a day I’ve traveled a hundred miles or more..

    But lesions on a blue vagina, sure I never saw before..

  20. when you set the bar high, maintaining that quality of lay becomes more of a chore than an exciting adventure. only people who don’t get laid wouldn’t think it’s something to complain about. think about it. go get laid every day, 4-5 times a day for a month or two and tell me different.

  21. slicingupeyeballs

    no chore at all radish,

    providing it’s a different chick each time…

  22. OMG! I can’t believe I just googled blue waffle. Grossest.thing.ever.

  23. your welcome.

  24. What the guy needs to do os invite a few friends and share the fun
    And I’m NOT clicking on any waffle links thank you very much!!

  25. ‘Special Fried Rice’

    Google that, then weep/retch

  26. @mass – that was good. You should write a whole new set of lyrics!

  27. The last time I fucked a 19 year old it was pretty wild and exciting, she could fuck all day long, was really filthy and really appreciative of my teaching her a myriad of fuck techniques…

    But what else are big brothers for eh?

  28. I Googled “Special Fried Rice”. At what point did that dude look at his junk and think “Hmmm, maybe I should get this seen to…”? Obviously it was at the point his dick was about to drop off. Yummy. Thanks a bunch, Paranoid.

  29. wow…perhaps worse than blue waffles…

  30. I will be looking that one up on urban dictionary…I don’t need those images burned into my brain thank you very much.

  31. Good God! That even gave me a shock! I’ll be honest I was a little bit sick in my mouth…

    It’s hard to beleive people would put peas in their rice dishes, I fucking hate peas the little green spherical cunts.

  32. What is seen cannot be unseen.

    *evil laugh, twiddle moustache, exit stage left*

  33. Why? WHY? I know I don’t want to see it. Yet I still find myself itching to google it. The only thing saving me from it is I know it’s not SFW

    I’ll trick someone else in looking at it tonight I watch *their* reaction instead…

  34. jesus. that special fried rice is bad.
    what about tub/poo girl??
    there truly is some dark corners in the internet

  35. sorry just caught up on this one. conor–just googled it…and even got a picture….i almost threw up.

    im a sex machine and have had a guy complain before because i wanted it all the time….but then again…he also didnt like getting head…sooo im gunna guess hes gay. LOL

  36. its class.

    Your a machine?? dont forget to oil your joints.
    or maybe he dosent like getting head off a robot, steel can be cold

  37. transit, love the Futuarama reference, that’s one of my favorite episodes. Especially their smiles/looks of terror at the “death by snoo snoo!” part.

    I am not googling, I must resist. Maybe Urban Dic. can give me the gist.

  38.!!! I thought that shit was out of my brain, thanks a lot angierec!

  39. Urban Dictionary’d “Special Fried Rice” and the explanation was scary enough thanks.

    Also, re-read this with the possibility that there is no 19 year old gf and Adam is actually both halves of the conversation to make himself sound like hot shit on Facebook. It will change the whole outlook of it to “kind of sad really.”

  40. I’m just gonna make this easy for everyone.
    So easy you can’t resist looking at it.
    No need to google or urban dictionary… just click this link yeh?

    Go have your fun…

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