Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Wise Man Once Said…

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  1. COMBAT!

  2. This is so lame in a not funny way


  4. A wise man once said LBs’ legal fund will never get to 50 000 with shit posts like this

  5. @Conor…agreed.

  6. How about thanking the person that you are having sex with…

  7. Terrible.

  8. I was thinking the same thing, Whit. You can start by thanking your partner.

    Also… ^5. Fail.

  9. slicingupeyeballs

    Oh they usually thank me…

    then again, I do target the desperate uggoes, who are so pathetically grateful for attention they are particularly effusive in their appreciation of my harried jabbing…

  10. Um, complainers?

    Yes, a lot of the posts here are shite, but these guys can’t comb FB themselves for material. They have to depend on submissions, and cull the best from what they’re given. Right?

    So, maybe you submit your own stuff or just STFU and go read another free humor blog. I have no dog in this fight, just growing weary of the bitching.

    And to head it off; yes, I’m an opinionated bitch, blah blah blah. Heard it all before. Now, have at you, sir.

  11. I was just using their title to poke fun at their legal fun progress, ok to be honest i have seen worse on here like Justin Bieber jokes and the likes.

    I do understand when someone sees something funny/stupid on FB their first response wont be to submit it here, they probably dont even know to submit or snip the FB page. For what LB is it is pretty good even though some of their jokes are very outdated or old.

    Naw mean jellybean?

  12. Well put Miss^

  13. I ain’t mad tho. ;D

    Perhaps LB could up the submission numbers by providing a short “how to” on making a screen shot, then clipping it to the desired size. Ideally this would be both a separate page, and included on the submission page.

    Also, a “Submit your own” button on EVERY page could help with this. These may be “retarted” suggestions, but I’m just trying to be part of the solution.

  14. that would be good. but most people are way too lazy to bother going to all trouble. how many of the commenter’s have tried to submit something for example.

    anyway at the end of the day i have LB bookmarked but they have been slacking off lately

  15. I have submitted about ten things to lamebook, only one of which was posted. Sure, maybe some of them were stretching it, but I KNOW some of them were better than this lot. Oh well.

  16. the thing is, i don’t think that they pick the best of the submissions…

  17. Ya i dont think they do either. they tend to pick conservative topics

  18. Jesus’ name is mentioned a lot in this house.

    Shegsy, I complained about a post yesterday. I don’t complain about them very often, but if I do, I at least try to complain with humour attached. Agro works, too (see Hobo and Paranoid Android for examples). The complaints that annoy me are those where people write things like “this is shit”, “lame”, “boring”, “yawn”, blah blah. I mean, why bother? Come on, guys, if you’re going to bitch – get creative, or put some freaking muscle behind it. There. A complaint about complaints.

  19. Oh, and welcome back, Hobo. I saw him somewhere…

  20. Yeah I think I’ve submitted at least 10 times this moronic dickwad that pops up in my news feed. Reading his shit is freaking hysterical…idiot doesn’t even begin to describe this poor fucker.

  21. Can someone explain the last one? I thought it was going to poke fun at the fact that Bailey said “more stupider” but the direction the post actually went in does not seem remotely funny.

  22. The first one is a moronic mishmash of two separate things. Since when do people say “thank god” when they have an orgasm? The traditional joke is that atheists can’t say “oh god” during sex. Which is also moronic, because it’s Christians (at least of some denominations) who aren’t supposed to “take the Lord’s name in vain” and thus _they_ are actually the ones who can’t say “oh god” during sex.

  23. Eh, I don’t consider funny complaining about posts a problem wordy; more riffing. An improvement upon the supplied topic, if you will.

  24. Lets all stop this fighting and just all agree on how much we hate buzzkillington. I hate you buzzzkillington. So much.

  25. @oilersfan …i think what they were getting at is the erroneous stereotype of “the woman’s place is in the kitchen.” to which his classy buddy, Taylor, tells him that he is proud of him for perpetuating the stereotype. har har har! (also, the phrase has been popularized by comedians and the like, but its origin is disputer.)
    believe me, i am no femi-nazi, but really…the “get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich” command is getting old. how about “hey, bitch, get in that studio and make me some ceramics!”
    to which i would reply,
    “yes, sir.”

  26. (did i just nibble at a set-up?)

  27. So…..Funny…Not. Where are they hiding the good ones?

  28. rawnuh…awesome. Thank you for that. It makes up for the last post.

  29. During sex I often scream my mothers name, which can be embarrassing..

    Of course my mums name is Takethatyousluttylittleanalbitch Smith so it could be worse.

    This joke was bought to you from approx two years ago… It was mildly amusing the first time, not so much this time…see how that works?

  30. I’d still rather my bitch made me a sammich than ceramics…

  31. well that’s not very creative…unless you make reeeally good sammiches

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