Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Get the Picture

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  1. Bzzt.

    The correct answer is: none of it is funny.

  2. Neither is Nick the potential rapist.

  3. The first one is pretty cool. Especially since he’s studying Art and Design. Doesn’t look good if he straight, though.

  4. *he’s

  5. If you look closely at Photo 2 you can just make out my shadow hoving into view in the top left corner…

    Now guess the body part and what i’m doing.

  6. Justin Bieber is gay. Yes, we get it, LB. *rolls eyes*

  7. That’s not funny. That’s how my family spent too much money at %#&$&% University to learn how to photoshop.

  8. Justin Bieber is gay???? fuck me sideways, I never knew this. wow I love gay jokes. Good lads LB.
    First 1 is pretty nice but is gonna look stupid when he changes his profile picture

  9. Take a look at this:

    Just amazing at what a little idle curiosity can give you.
    Posting in the comments section brought a daily hit rate above what was the total for the previous month. Still no overt support, though, so take a minute to comment on the content. If enough people hit the site, I’ll start posting again.

  10. 1. The water slide picture is years old.
    2. Major books go on sale the day of their release, so the fact that it’s 20% off now means everyone is expecting it to be popular, not something they’ll have to practically give away.

  11. I’m surprised Busch Gardens let those people even see that picture. When I went last year with my family and my boyfriends family, my boyfriend, his brother, and his dad all took their shirts off on Apollo’s Chariot and touched their nipples and the ride attendants didn’t put the picture up and wouldn’t display it at all. Boys are so mature….

  12. slicingupeyeballs

    they sound like an awesome family girlskill.

    Why don’t chicks do cool things like that…?

  13. I am sorry, but you can CLEARLY see that someone placed the Justin Bieber book there for the picture. It doesn’t fit and the book behind it is inches shorter.


  14. Ah, dang it. The first time I thought that the books on the side were Justin so I wasn’t going to do my comment. Then I looked again and thought it said a different name, so I made my comment.

    Then I looked again after I posted my comment, and realized that the books on the left so say Justin Bieber.

    Delete option pleeease.

  15. MsBuzzkill indeed.

    This site is all about making fun of stuff. And I can tell you are into it too, you just like to make fun of those who are making the fun. Doesn’t make you better, just lamer.

    I think maybe your brother played “why are you hitting yourself” with you too many times.

  16. maybe justin bieber is there, not because he’s gay (which he probably isn’t), but because he looks like a little baby lesbian.

    also, the first one is great!

  17. Who the fuck cares about Justin Bieber. Number 2 might have raised a slight smirk if it hadn’t been for the shite he wrote under it.

  18. I am not making fun of anyone for making fun of people. I am calling out people who are STILL making fun of Justin Bieber, stupid. Because it’s tiresome. It’s old. and it needs to stop.

    This person tried to be funny by making fun of Justin and they failed. Because jokes about Justin Bieber being stupid aren’t funny.

  19. But jokes about him being a little bitch-in-waiting who can’t wait to be old enough to get some back door action is funny.

  20. *are funny. Edit option please, Lamebook.

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