Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Battle of the “Bands”

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  1. ben!

  2. my life is now complete. *sigh*

  3. … and you wonder why your Legal Fund is barely moving lamebook. Tsk.

    Ladies, gentlemen and Imamofo, I present the above as evidence for the prosecution that lamebook is dying on its arse.

  4. i think Lamebook has a bit of a soft spot for shitty banks like nickleback and the shitty jokes about them

  5. I stopped reading after the third one. I have a feeling I’m better off without that in my brian.

  6. there is no way I would ever read anything that has the words creed and nickelback in it that many times.

  7. For a couple of guys that think these bands suck, they sure know a lot of their songs/lyrics.

  8. I’m with canary here, except I don’t have a brian.

  9. I did the stopped at the third one, too, canary. I was getting a headache.

  10. Haha I must of had a brian fart. =)

  11. I got to the second post in this conversation before I gave up, yawn

  12. What campione said.

  13. Man, I make my triumphant and long-awaited return to Lamebook and this is what you greet me with? I think you’re the ones who should be donating to MY legal fund.

    Although I do like that you’ve turned up the urgency on your ‘Shit1 Mark Zuckerburg’s a knob!’ banner, and the new ‘Friends of Lamebook’ links look like useful websites to distract all those cretinous asshats who won’t stop sending me chain e-mails. How are they still out in the real world, and not living up in the mountains, hiding from the Y2K bug?

    You have served your purpsoe.

  14. These bands have already been involved in an altercation.

    It was Westside Story meets Queer Eye for a Straight Guy… only without the straight guy.

    Hobo Welcome back! You’ve been missed, even by me.. and I rarely stop touching myself long enough to notice anybodys absence.

  15. Why don’t they just settle their differences by making a sex tape together?

  16. TL:DR

    Nickleback is the change Nicks mom gives back after she receives a quarter for a BJ

  17. I don’t understand how these guys can be making fun of the two bands when they know so many lyrics/songs by both. I’m with campione. Kind of making fun of themselves.

  18. Girlskill and campione, its called Wikipedia. You can look up anything, dontcha know? That includes discographies, songs, lyrics, etc.
    This one was pretty well constructed I thought, why you gotta make-a-the fun?

  19. Along the lines of Justin Bieber, why can’t people just let bad music go? Why do they have to talk about it, discuss it and make fun of it? I mean, I don’t like either of these bands so I simply just turn off the radio and *boob* they are out of my life. I don’t talk about them and I don’t have to think about them.

    What amazing theoretical purpose for discussion does bringing up bands do for real conversation?

    Wow, you’re making fun of Nickleback? that is so 2000.

    I just don’t get it. Endless jokes and posts making fun of a band you hate, when you would have accomplished a lot more by not saying anything at all. I am sure you *hate* them a lot.

  20. @18

    They commented pretty quickly. Did they have a whole research team helping them?

  21. indeed MsBuzzKill,
    but what if you have annoying friends that play really shit songs and you cant turn them off or they get all menstrual while declaring that this is their song. or even them stupid poppy annoying radio stations. its a never ending battle to get away from shit songs and artists

  22. Bunch of tasteless monkeys who the fuck doesn’t like creed?!

  23. What’s with you guys and Nickelback? Har har

  24. So they suck. End story.

  25. Imamofo, I’m beginning to think you’re either some kind of spewing-miracle of nature or you have a very serious infection. Perhaps a bit of both?

    Also, I hate you buzzkillington.

  26. tl (and waaay too full of fucking Nickelback and Creed); dr

  27. Jonjones I do have several serious infections, but none of these effect my day to day slut rutting, also as an aside, spewing on the miracle of nature is one of my favourite pastimes, just last night I vomited on a newborn lamb.

  28. So Paranoid had a baby?! Congrats!!
    So sweet of you mofo to have baptized it. I wish I’d been there!

  29. FAIL. It’s “tired of livin’ like a blind man” … he “never made it as a wise man”

  30. The funniest part is @29 correcting the lyrics XD

    I’m not even gonna feed the fail troll that is Buzzkillington.

  31. @speedie247: FAIl. bc you actually knew the lyrics.

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