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  1. First

  2. btw my apology was meaningless
    I enjoyed tapping your crazy wif.

  3. Domestics on Facebook? Making their way to a Lamebook server near you!

  4. Hahahah why the fuck would he correct Ryans spelling of all things!?

    LOL… Can I you Rydog?

  5. Chris was being a douche, but I have a feeling it is with good reason.

  6. lol @ the correction when Chris “spelled” wrong.

    Rydog is a fool. That is all.

  7. Chris reminds me of the grammar Nazis here on Lamebook.

  8. Team Rydog! I’m sure Chris enjoyed his ‘wif.’ lol

  9. “let me have her back”…

  10. LOL Village Idiot made my day.

  11. If there’s a way to OD amphetamin and mdma I think I am on the path of it. Fuck you. Please give me the pasta, hand it to me. Yes.

  12. “Sometimes life leaves a hundred dollar bill on your dresser, and you don’t realize until later that it’s because it fucked you.”


  14. . . . your marriage or whatever the fuck you guys are calling it! lmao

  15. A husband, bathing in self-pity, begging to have his unfaithful wife back? Has the whole bloody world gone emo?

    BTW The third party here is closer to a wif than a “wife”. Ryan was (unintentionally) correct there.

  16. I think my favourite bits are “our lifes” and “Can I call you Rydog?”…..what?!

  17. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me…
    Sing it with me Rydog!

  18. Rydog is pathetic .However , Chris is a funny douche.

  19. My Clitoris is burning like a motherfucker.

  20. I’d sit on Chris’ face.

  21. Still burning.

  22. lol @ grammar nazi’s and lol@ this poor guy and his awful situation. hilarious. ahhhh the joy of laughing at other people and their misfortunes.

  23. You gotta wonder why someone would want to stay with their spouse when obviously they are a piece of crap.

  24. I like turtles.

  25. Sounds fake. Crappy acting.

  26. Bitch slap your wife and leave that hoe. Find a better one!!! Oh but before you bitch slap and leave, find a way to really degrade and insult your whore of a wife (example – force your baby batter down the back of her throat while a mate photographs it)!

  27. i wish chris would have added a couple bro’s to his replies

    then it would have been perfect…

  28. lol, i didn’t notice the wif, but i did notice the lifes, god that’s sad of me.
    Why would you want a cheating wif anyway? And by begging to have her back, it shows that she is still cheating on him, to me anyway.
    lol @ Village Idiot

  29. posty mcposterson

    I personally like how Rydog explains that Chris is WAS just a PHASE while he begs for her return in the same sentence. People are really crazy…..

  30. @ posty mcposterson

    What do you mean?

  31. Correct me if I’m mistaken but I think what posty’s saying is that Rydog doesn’t even realise that he himself is hardly more than a “phase” if his wife is getting around.

    Note: posty mcposterson … best name on lamebook. Fact.

  32. @31: IF you are wrong, it would only be by a small margin i am sure.

  33. Haha, cheers Insane! I’ve always struggled with this deep-rooted fear of being wrong by a wide margin, so thanks for making me at ease again… let me celebrate by finding Rydog’s wife on facebook to see if I can also be a phase.

  34. @zombie kid
    “i like turtles”= Priceless!
    @at this post
    “can i call you Rydog?”= Priceless!

  35. “…let me have her back”
    talk about lame …

  36. “Can i call you Rydog?” Hahahahaha

  37. Hey Antartic Circle maybe i could celebrate with you by sharing the phase of turning Rydog’s wife into a chinese finger trap! LMAO

  38. Both men should do a little detective work. Who knows, they might find a whole busload of men waiting to screw the woman.

  39. i wish he would call me rydog….

  40. @Dee: are you suggesting she is a community brothel? Doing homeless bums since the ring went on the finger!

  41. can i call you rydog ? after all we have the same STD now and your kids might be mine

    And don’t worry , i just wanted to bone her and ruined your marriage (or whatever you want to call it) for no reason.

    Btw you don’t know how to spell bro

    Wanna meet up and go shoot some pool later

    Broes be4 hoes , no hard feelings ?

    Chris FTW

  42. Rydog: My wif is my world. Give her back.
    Chris: She told me she was a man at birth. I believed her. Now I feed dirty and betrayed. You can have her. All I wanted was a real woman-man to love.
    Rydog: WTF?
    Chris: Whatev. We should hang, brah.

  43. Turning her into a chinese finger trap! Now there’s a mental image that’s going to distract me for quite some time…

  44. “Can I call you Rydog..” LOL., he never actually calls him Rydog..

  45. ancient chinese secret 😉

  46. @37, can i verse winner?

  47. posty mcposterson

    @30 Dee & 31 Antarctic Circle- I must have been delirious. I made no sense at all. He said, “You were a phase.” (past tense) And then “let me have her back.” (present tense) Just seemed silly to me at that moment. Obviously the phase was extended…

    31 Antarctic Circle- Thank you very much.

  48. @46 ok. Ooh the chinese finger trap just became a 3 way finger trap. I shotgun the rump!

  49. Village Idiot…too funny

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