Friday, November 27, 2009

Just Stop


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  1. Wait, what’s contracting?

  2. . . . stop my uterus contracting.. stopping the contractions.
    WTF Katie??? This is too lame for Lamebook!

  3. Just another day in the life of M. Zuckerberg, OB/GYN.

  4. Feel my pimp hand!

  5. Ouch my brain!

  6. Katie, she did not ask why you were having the contractions.
    Please stfu.

  7. i don’t understand why this is lame? haha

  8. To really. Its not lame its just gross. some people just dont have internet manners. as if anyone wants to know she has an infection down there. urgh

  9. “Down there”? The uterus is an internal organ. The location of the infection is not so much gross as it is inappropriate. What’s lame is how repetitive she is and that she is posting about her very personal health, while in the hospital, because she doesn’t have a life beyond the internet.

  10. no no it says she has an infection it doesnt specify

  11. ::shudder::

  12. Internet-taking over life as we know it, one pregnant woman at a time.

  13. And then this one time, at uterus camp…

  14. Hospials should really ban phones so weirdos like this can’t air their ‘business’! Eewww

  15. But Katie, you didn’t tell me what the medication will do?

  16. …thank you for sharing that with us, Katie.

  17. Way to much use of the word “uterus” in one paragraph.

  18. I’ll tell you why it’s sodding lame:

    Katie says she’s having contractions – fair enough.
    Her friend simply says that she hopes Katie feels better – fair enough.
    Katie replies as if her mate has said “Hope to meet your baby soon” – EPIC LAME!

  19. Uterus.

    That is all.

  20. You gotta love how selfish this all seems. Shouldnt she be more concerned that her love child with Bubba up the block is gonna be ok? Its all about her and her uterus and her infection. And what the hell kind of nasty person says they have a infection of anything?

  21. aw noes she didn’t

  22. I like turtles.

  23. Contraction must be the word of the day on her little calendar.

  24. Uterus was the day before?

  25. contracted contractions.
    but seriously, wtf?! How? Why? What?
    I mean, can you get that without being preggies? That would be freaky. It doesn’t sound fun.

  26. (1) “I hope you feel better”? WTF kind of a response is that?!

    “Hope you’re ok” is acceptable, “hope you and the baby are ok” is better, but, if Victoria thought Katie was in labor, there is typically no “feeling better” until the baby is born.

    (2) Did Katie think she would win a prize for saying “uterus” and “contract” the most times in 1 comment?

  27. @27 Katie did win a prize for her efforts. She has the proud honour of being ridiculed on Lamebook.

  28. Dr. Hymen is right. Katie’s reply is sarcastic. uterus + contractions = baby = no need for shitface fucking stupid comments like “hope you feel better.”

    Her uterus is infected with baby.
    btw, the contractions are contracting


  29. What kind of person posts her step-by-step labor on FaceBook? For goodness sakes, leave the phone at home when you go to the hospital TO HAVE A BABY.

  30. Sign this contract please.

  31. I know what she has. It is bacterial vaginosis. If you are pregnant, it will cause contractions and early labor. What disturbs me is this:
    1) She is telling the world about her STD,
    2) She has an STD while pregnant,
    3) She is confused that “uterus contracting” and contractions are not the same thing.
    4) She is breeding.

    Fucking peasants…

  32. Let’s get one thing straight …this posting is indeed lame as well as annoying. That being said…bacterial vaginosis is not an STD. It may indeed cause pre-term labor but hardly qualifies someone as a peasant. In fact it is common in pregnancy (per the CDC). Multiple sexual partners is a risk factor for BV, but so is douching…something even a virgin can do 😉

  33. Yo dawg! So I heard you were having contractions while you were having contractions so you could have contractions while you had contractions.

  34. She needs more hormones. How do you make a whoremoan? Kick her in the crotch!!!

  35. amanda von beaverhausen

    Funny, I always thought it was “don’t pay her”…

  36. Obviously you all haven’t had to deal with preterm labor either.

    a) It is typically assumed that someone has an infection if they are in preterm labor. They take a “better safe than sorry” approach when it comes to infections.

    b) the two main drugs they use to stop contractions will majorly fuck with your head. She most likely received terbutaline, which is a smooth muscle relaxer and has the side effect of giving you the attention span of a manic fruit fly on meth.

    Lame is lame, but this is not lame, the ignorance in the comments is.

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