Friday, August 24, 2012

Wins for the Weekend Part1

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  1. What is with all this Part 1 bullshit.

  2. I’ve done that kind of purging several times… Except I keep everyone in case the ones I really want don’t work out.

  3. How often do you reckon Field gets ploughed?

  4. I would sow my seed all over that Field.

  5. He wouldn’t be laying fallow. That’s for sure.

  6. Each and every one of us will die one day. Remember that.

  7. Yep – and we’ll each receive our 27 virgin women for being good little drones.

  8. Actually, Crusty, it’s 72 virgins and they don’t specify women. Could be women, men, sheep or T200.

  9. *T2000, dammit.

  10. Virgin Fields are hella fertile.

  11. ^someone has got themselves a bit of a crush on young field, hey?

  12. Either that or he’s enjoying his maiden fatty.

  13. …actually, I’m starting to feel a little fenced in.

  14. yeah. i can dig it.

  15. Why would Ben put the Titanic in there? The Titanic was terrible at breaking ice. Ice broke it.

    Perhaps Ben should have linked the Yamal, instead.

  16. field plows my dear. he doesn’t get plowed. coming from an ex gf 😉

  17. ^Oh, Field is Russian?

  18. does he also get shit on by sheep and those horrible, pollutery cows?
    or does he do the shitting, too?

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