Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Fails Part 2

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  1. hootie the blowfish

    I’m disappointed by the lack of comments letting Callie know that you generally have to actually not be an idiot in order to be considered a nerd.

  2. I fucked Callie’s dumb ass.

  3. Fake.

  4. Callie’s friends are clearly also in the bottom sextile.

  5. Yawnarama.

  6. 14% doesn’t seem all that impressive.

  7. ^ CapnObvious, you’re smart :3

  8. the really odd thing here is that these three posts we’ve been thrown – like throwing dead rabbit carcasses to a pack of hyenas in a zoo – are pretty much exactly like every facebook post ever.
    it’s an exercise in tedium!

  9. Hey Bacc, look at the bright side–he kept his post to less than 400 words.

  10. Taylor’s thought process:

    1. I’m a fucking idiot.
    2. I must tell everyone what a fucking idiot I am.
    3. Repeat until the end of time.

  11. Fuck you rightbrain, I like Capn’s pirate rants. And he’s learnt paragraphs now. 🙂

  12. ^Do you also enjoy the occasional boot to your groin and sand in your knickers?

  13. I’ve never been kicked in the groin so I can’t honestly say, but sand in the bikini bottoms is quite annoying so no, I don’t enjoy it.

    How about you? Do you enjoy those things?

  14. ^ You’re lucky, franky (or more polite than I). Cuntpunts are the worst.

  15. lol. cuntpunt.

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