Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day Wrap Up



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  1. how can you forget to wipe your ass??

  2. So the second one…around here teachers aren’t supposed to have their students on facebook.

  3. How does Anthony have ANY friends after saying something like that?

  4. bahahhahahahahhhaahahah wowwwww

  5. 1st one, what a dick. Why? I mean, WHYYYY?!! ffs.

    2nd one. Meh, I don’t give a shit, do you?

  6. A friend of mine once took a shit in an empty tobacco can and then walked around with it in his back pocket. His motivation for doing this was that he found it ironic.

  7. moms?

  8. @ijustsawfly- you have dipshit friends.

  9. Anthony seems like one of those guys who just talks to himself on Facebook. Where no one comments but he keeps talking anyway, liking his own incessant status updates, commenting on his own updates before anyone else comments on them, etc.

  10. CumDog Millionaire – You’re really boring.

  11. I think Billy purposely ignored the ‘moms’ issue.

  12. Anthony sounds like quite a catch. I would be most proud to bring him home to meet my parents during a holiday dinner.

  13. Who can possibly forget to wipe his ass?! YUK!!!

  14. It was probably the squishy feeling of his ass cheeks sliding apart as he walked away that reminded him. Like a oreo.

  15. looks black. maybe thats why they all smell like shit

  16. She missed a paper worth 25 pts. and still got away with a ‘B’??? That’s pretty fucking lucky!
    p.s. Anthony is grotesque!

  17. @ Me (#15) – Gross, but you made me laugh! Will always snicker from now on whenever I see an oreo cookie..

  18. #CumDog Millionaire
    I know, maybe. They’re good though, I like them. I also like Ouzo. It’s from Greece. It’s flavoured with anis, makes me think of anus. That I don’t like. Won’t drink it anymore… Return to the beer, Sterni!

  19. Seriously how can one forget to clear their cheeks of excess shit??? Just the thought of it makes me chunderstruck!

    Can anyone say Teachers Pet? They’re friends on Facebook, she forgets to submit a paper worth 25 points and uses the word moms. I wonder if this teacher is pulling a CumDog Millionaire?

  20. * and gets a B …

  21. People like Anthony piss me off.

  22. ANTHONY*

  23. Anthony is a dumbshit (no pun intended).

  24. Second post is too lame for Lamebook.

  25. He says he just realised he didn’t wipe his ass as though he wasn’t there at the time or something…

  26. i think Anthony is hilarious and deserves an honourary moron award. Seriously – to have absolutely NO inhibitions and NO self-control over what you post on facebook and just genuinely NOT give a shit (pardon the pun) … that is….. admirable. i think? hahahaha

  27. To Chad-number 2-I have students as FB friends. I don’t know if you are referring to HS or college. I teach college and the rules are a bit looser. I make it mandatory to not ever ask me any class questions on FB.

  28. I like turtles.

  29. @Pale: I am glad to hear you teach at college as “the rules are a bit looser” can easily be taken the wrong way. At least in college its all legal 😛

  30. Insane-legal maybe, but some things are still unethical. My students are still students and as such I treat them as just students. I meant “a bit looser” only in terms of FB contacts, as I know you totally understood. Anything else? ewwww.

  31. the real question is: did katie make a typo, or are her parents lesbians?

  32. #30 was nothing more than a joke pale. I figured you were a straight arrow and applaud you for being so.

  33. ewww thats just nasty

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