Thursday, April 5, 2012

He Knows

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  1. I actually found this amusing…. but I’m waiting for someone to say that they already saw this elsewhere.

  2. blonde!

  3. lol@smimp

  4. I’m waiting for someone to declare fake

  5. Already saw this elsewhere; totally fake.

  6. ^ Citation needed!

  7. Actually this was good and I don’t give a f**k if someone saw it somewhere else first. I didn’t. Bird nightmares tonight though.

  8. I read that post in the Paranoid Parrot meme for some reason, imagined him pecking on the keys.

  9. No way, Pigeons are not murderers. Sociopaths, sure; why do you think Bert loved them so much?

  10. Pigeons are boring, but they are still very creepy. All birds are creepy. I don’t like birds.

    Why are you censoring yourself, bapsy? Did you give up swearing for Lent or something? It’s almost over so you can go back to being you, yes? Because this scares me more than you posting a “First” comment.

  11. I’m pleased to report my cat is currently laying out in the garden chewing the head off one of those feathered vermin as I type.
    The best bit is that the foul flying rat has a yellow tag on it’s foot and belongs to my neighbour.
    Well, it used to. It belongs to my cat now.

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  13. Sometimes I forget where I can and where I can’t say a bit fat FUCK when I need to @misswordy

  14. No uptight types threatening to block you for swearing here, my lovely. And thank fuck for that.

  15. ^I think it sends entirely the wrong message and attracts horrible people.

  16. It does. How can someone be scared of birds?!

  17. Censoring or swearing, Ms?

    A lot of people don’t like birds, crusty. You’ve never seen the Hitchcock movie? You’ve never been sitting on a park bench minding your own business and been suddenly surrounded by a large number of black crows? You’ve never been swooped by a crazyass magpie? I have experienced all of these things. I don’t like birds.

  18. birds are fucking delicious.

  19. Yes, yes they are. As are vaginas yet no one is scared of those. Except gays, but that’s different.

  20. Seagulls are proper little fuckers, they have MASSIVE beaks, but I’m not scared of them. You know why? Because I’m more intelligent, stronger and bigger than a. fucking. bird. If you’d said you were scared of bears i’d think “meh, understandable fear”. But no, you’ve admitted that you trim your pubes, shave your legs, wax your chest and tuck your dick between your legs.

  21. I know some guys who trim their pubes, shave their legs, wax their chests and tuck their dicks between their legs. AND they are more intelligent, stronger and bigger than a. fucking. whinging. pommy. git.

    so, what now?

  22. sorry to interrupt the flow of this discussion (not really), but – “as are vaginas yet no one is scared of those”…hahaha that’s funny because it’s a vagina joke that is horribly wrong. c’mon crusty you should know better…PLENTY men-folk scared o’ the ‘ol top-hole, if you think about it…aren’t they?
    as you were!

  23. crusty is proud to have beaten his fear of cunts – now he can look into a mirror with confidence.

  24. It’s not even a competition really, ’cause vaginas never lured anyone into the street to get killed did they? Noone ever invited their whole family over on thanksgiving to eat dry vagina did they? Noone ever tied a message to a vagina and threw it out a window hoping that France would finally get the message and institute national bathing day did they? Compared to birds, vaginas can be tolerated, probably. Also, I misplaced mine, so if you see it please let me know.


  26. Sisqi, I don’t know if inviting people over for dry vag on thanksgiving would work…but the other two are totally possible. Also, I don’t think I could tolerate a dirty vagina laying in the street.

  27. I wasn’t whinging, I was venting. Scared of birds…it’s fucking pathetic.

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